Thursday Apr 13, 2023

The Gary Null Show - 04.13.23


1. 5 Signs a Civilization is about to Fail (6:18)
2. What’s in the Pfizer Documents? | Naomi Wolf (Start @ 3:27)
3. The Cover-Up: How Pfizer and Biontech FALSIFIED lab results in order to bring vaccines to market
4. Ed Dowd - "Cause Unknown": The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths | Part 1 Of 2 (2:29)


  • Blues-busters: Study shows blueberry juice antioxidants ease stress
  • Omega-3s may lower homocysteine levels, but B vitamins enhance the effects
  • Listening to music during pregnancy benefits baby brain's ability to encode speech sounds, finds study
  • People who think positively about aging are more likely to recover memory
  • Joint hypermobility linked to folate deficiency
  • Sedentary time may significantly enlarge adolescents’ heart 

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