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April 15, 2016  

On "The Gary Null Show" today, Gary discusses these topics and here are the link to help you understand more.

Vital nutrient has key role in keeping body clocks running on time

More exposure to vegetation linked with lower mortality rates in women

UF/IFAS study: Mushrooms boost immunity

Childhood allergies reduced by Vitamin D

Watering our garden with city water injects pharmaceuticals into your veggies

Add nature, art and religion to life’s best anti-inflammatories

Quick music break and back with more news

Utah whistleblower lawsuit alleges data errors, research misconduct as CDC report releases U.S. autism rate of 1.5%

Plastic bags are hurting more than the environment

The world's largest dump: China and The great Pacific Garbage Patch

Eat less meat: CO2 emission of our food

How much water does it take to grow a hamburger?

Flying less is about environmental and social equity

7 Reasons we buy more stuff than we need

World footprint do we fit on the planet?

Do not buy wood anymore?

Quick music break and Gary came back with his guest, William Robinson.

Here is Mr. Robinson's bio:

Prof William Robinson is Professor of Sociology at the University of California at Santa Barbara. He is also the university’s faculty of Latin American Studies and in the Global and International Studies Program. He describes himself as a scholar-activist, who is deeply involved in American domestic and Third World struggles for social justice, popular empowerment of populations and participatory democracy and government.  His areas of focus include globalization, transnationalism, political economics, immigration and a variety of sociological issues. William received his graduate degrees from the University of New Mexico, and has published eight books, his latest being “Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Humanity.”  His website is

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