Monday Apr 17, 2023

The Gary Null Show - 04.17.23

1. Trapped in paradise: how we got the homeless situation (part 1) (start @ 0:30 )

2. What happens when you lose your home at 72 in Amesbury, Massachusetts? (6:28)

3. 97-year-old left homeless after losing housing department home | A Current Affair (8:00)

4. Families face homelessness as crisis accommodation closes doors | A Current Affair (8:00)

5. Villagers pushed to the brink as fees go ‘through the roof’ | A Current Affair (8:00)

6. Young people living a lavish lifestyle on credit card debt | 60 Minutes Australia (14:36)


  • Eating blueberries could regulate genetic and biochemical drivers of depression and suicide
  • Tufts/Harvard meta-analysis supports omega-3s for child brain development
  • Brain changes seen in veterans with PTSD after mindfulness training
  • Drop in body temperature linked to aging aggravates manifestations of Alzheimer's disease
  • Research finds that wisdom is a matter of both heart and mind
  • Pomegranate-date cocktail a day keeps the doctor away

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