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The Gary Null Show - 04.20.15

April 20, 2015

The Hidden Agenda Behind Mandatory Vaccination – the CDC, Big Pharma and the Vaccine Cartel. With Robert Kennedy Jr. and Robert Krakow.

Robert Kennedy Jr is an ardent defender of the environment and serves as the Chief Prosecuting Attorny for the organization Hudson Riverkeeper and President of the WaterKeeper Aliance.  Earlier he served as the Assistant District Attorney for New York City.  An advocate for the rights of South American and Canadian indigenous tribes, he has successfully strengthened treaties to protect their homelands.  He is also a national proponent for vaccine efficacy and safety, consults for advocacy groups opposing unsafe vaccine ingredients and particularly mercury. 

Robert has a degree from Harvard, and law degrees from the University of Virginia and Pace University School of Law.  He has written for the New York Times, Washington Post, Rolling Stone, The Nation, Atlantic Monthy and other news publications. In addition to his books on the environment, his most recent is “Thimerosal Let the Science Speak: The Evidence Supporting the Immediate Removal of Mercury.”  His website is

Robert Krakow is a New York City trial lawyer in private practice and one of the nation’s leading attorneys for vaccine damaged children through the government’s Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. He has handled almost every kind of civil and criminal case in all federal and state courts. Bob has been a trial lawyer for over 30 years and is a former Narcotics Bureau Chief in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. He has founded several not-for-profit organizations advocating for the rights of individuals with special needs and is a renowned critic of the dominant medical belief that present vaccines as safe and effective.  He is a graduate of George Washington University Law School and in the past served as the Director of the Consumer Protection Center.  His website is

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