Monday Apr 27, 2015

The Gary Null Show - 04.24.15

How the cosmological and physical sciences should inform us about our concept of God and its relevancy in facing future challenges

Dr. Nancy Ellen Abrams is a philosopher, historian, musician and attorney who addresses the interconnections between modern cosmology and science and cultural meaning, and areas where traditional myth informs science and vice versa.  She is a graduate of the University of Chicago in the History and Philosophy of Science and received a JD from the University of Michigan Law School. In the past she has worked as an attorney for the International Juridical Association in Rome, an European environmental law think tank, the Ford Foundation, and the US Congress’ Office of Technology Assessment.  Her husband, Prof Joel Primack is a renowned astrophysicist who first co-authored the theory of dark matter and dark energy.  In addition to two volumes co-written with her husband on the social relevance behind the cosmological sciences for transforming the world, she is the recent author of “A God That Could Be Real” which posits that a revisioning of our God concept in light of the new cosmological and physical sciences can have a major impact upon the future of the planet.  Her website is    

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