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The Gary Null Show - 04.26.22

April 26, 2022

Guest : Prof. Daniel (“Dan”) Kovalik

Professor Daniel Kovalik is a labor and human rights attorney and author, who teaches international human rights at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. For over two decades he served as a counsel for the United Steelworkers and the AFL-CIO, and is best known for his cases against Coca Cola, Drummond, and Occidental Petroleum based upon human rights abuses in Colombia. He was a recipient of a Project Censored award for his investigation into the murders of Colombian trade unionists. Dan is a graduate of Columbia Law School and received a fellowship at Stanford University’s law school. He has written several acclaimed books dealing with the scapegoating of Russia, plots to attack and overthrow Iran and Venezuela,  US efforts to establish world hegemony by interfering in other nations and on Cancel Culture.  His most recent book is “No More War: How the West Violates International Law by Using Humanitarian Intervention to Advance Economic and Strategic Interests,”  and his articles appear on Counterpunch, Global Research, Dissident Voice and elsewhere. 

A combination of three simple treatments may reduce invasive cancer risk by 61% among adults aged 70+

University Hospital Zurich, April 25, 2022

A new study published in Frontiers in Aging found that a combination of high-dose vitamin D, omega-3s, and a simple home strength exercise program (SHEP) showed a cumulative reduction by 61% in cancer risk in healthy adults aged 70 or older. It is the first study to test the combined benefit of three affordable public health interventions for the prevention of invasive cancers. Following future studies, the results may impact the future of cancer prevention in older adults. Mechanistic studies have shown that vitamin D inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Similarly, omega-3 may inhibit the transformation of normal cells into cancer cells, and exercise has been shown to improve immune function and decrease inflammation, which may help in the prevention of cancer. The researchers conducted the DO-HEALTH trial: a three-year trial in five European countries (Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, and Portugal) with 2,157 participants.


β-Glucan-Rich Extract of Gray Oyster Mushroom, Pleurotus pulmonarius, Improves Object Recognition Memory and Hippocampus Morphology

University of Malaya (Malaysia), April 12, 2022

Obesity may cause behavioral alterations, while maternal obesity can contribute to metabolic disorders in subsequent generations. The effect of β-glucan-rich oyster mushroom was investigated on mouse neurobehavior and hippocampus and its offspring’s hippocampus development. Female ICR mice were fed with normal diet (ND), ND with βgPp, high-fat diet (HFD), or HFD with βgPp for 3 months followed by behavioral test and mating. βgPp significantly enhanced short-term object recognition memory in HFD-fed mice. βgPp also ameliorated the histological alterations and neuronal loss and increased Iba-1-positive microglia in the hippocampus regions These findings demonstrated that βgPp supplementation attenuated the effects of HFD on object recognition memory and the alterations on the hippocampal regions of maternal mice and their male offspring.


Exposure to high-powered microwave frequencies may cause brain injuries

Texas A&M University, April 25, 2022

Recent research from Texas A&M University reveals that exposure to certain extremely high-powered microwave and radio frequencies may result in high stresses within the brain. Justin Wilkerson in collaboration with researchers at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory and the Air Force Research Laboratory, began investigating the effects of high-powered pulsed microwaves on the human body. Most commonly used for rapid cooking, microwaves are a type of electromagnetic radiation that fall between radio and infrared light on the electromagnetic spectrum. Using computational modeling, the team’s two-simulation approach first calculates the specific absorption rate (SAR) of planar electromagnetic waves on a 3D model of a human body. The SAR values are then used to calculate changes in temperature throughout the head and brain. Those temperature changes are then used to determine how the brain tissue physically alters in response to the high-intensity microwaves. Wilkerson said, “We found that if those waves interact in just the right way at the center of the brain, the conditions are ideal to induce a traumatic brain injury.” Wilkerson’s research revealed that when applying a small temperature increase over a very short amount of time (microseconds), potentially injurious stress waves are created. Imagine all of the microwave energy needed to pop a bag of popcorn condensed into one-millionth of a second and then directed at the brain.


Study Finds Homeopathic Medicine Extremely Helpful For Cancer Patients

Medical University of Vienna, April 19, 2022

Thanks to consistent propaganda efforts from big pharma and the corrupt scientific establishment, Homeopathic medicine gets a ton of negative publicity in the mainstream media. However, a recent study has shown that Homeopathic remedies have shown to significantly help cancer patients. According to the study: 373 patients yielded at least one of three measurements. The improvement of global health status between visits 1 and 3 was significantly stronger in the homeopathy group by 7.7 (95% CI 2.3–13.0, p = 0.005) when compared with the control group. A significant group difference was also observed with respect to subjective wellbeing by 14.7 (95% CI 8.5–21.0, p < 0.001) in favor of the homeopathic as compared with the control group. Control patients showed a significant improvement only in subjective wellbeing between their first and third visits. Results suggest that the global health status and subjective well-being of cancer patients improve significantly when adjunct classical homeopathic treatment is administered in addition to conventional therapy.

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