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The Gary Null Show - 05.07.18

May 7, 2018


Dr. Alex Tournier is a practicing homeopath and scientific researcher.  he studied physics at Imperial College of London, theoretical physics at the Cambridge University and received his doctorate from the University of Heidelberg studying the biophysics of water-protein interactions.  In 2007 he founded and is now the director of the Homeopathy Research Institute in London, a charitable organization dedicated to facilitating and conducting high-quality scientific investigations into homeopathy's principles and efficacy.  For a decade he worked at the prestigious Cancer Research UK center, studying the interface between biology, physics and mathematics. Alex's research institute's website is


Ananda More is a classical homeopath, doula, and documentary film director. She currently is the co-owner of Riverdale Homeopathy in Ontario Canada.  Ananda was originally very skeptical about homeopathy and regarded it as quackery. Later, after falling ill during a visit to India, she turned to homeopathy and discovered she quickly recovered. Later, she attended a conference in Cuba and learned about successful effort to thwart an epidemic of the tropical disease leptospirosis by administering a homeopathic vaccine to 2.3 million Cubans.  Observing how homeopathy is denigrated in the media and conventional medical community and how homeopaths are publicly maligned, she directed the recent film Magic Pills: Promise or Placebo to correct the false perceptions of this 200 year old practice. Ananda currently sits on the boards of the Ontario Homeopathic Association and the Ontario College of Homeopaths.  Her films website is and practices website is   


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