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The Gary Null Show - 05.19.17

May 19, 2017


The Order-Disorder Paradox -- the how the breakdown of our orderly institutions and beliefs are giving rise to something new, and a look at the narcissistic character of Trump and American society. 

Dr. Nathan Schwartz-Salant is a psychoanalyst who has been clinical practice for five decades, specializing in the transformative views and theories of Carl Jung. He holds a doctorate in applied mathematics from the University of California at Berkeley and received his psychoanalytic training at the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich Switzerland. For much of this time, Dr. Salant has focused on the psychology of psychic energy and the numerous ways it manifests within us, between individuals and between humans and society. He is the originator of what is called the Order-Disorder Paradox, which brings together psychology and the hard sciences, as well as spirituality, to better understand how order within a system also gives rise to disorder, and its implications in post modern society which is becoming increasingly systematized and specialized.  As science and technology, and the rule of law and governance, become ever more dominant and orderly, there is a simultaneous backlash of entropy with devastating effects on our individual lives, in society and upon the environment. His recent book "The Order-Disorder Paradox: Understanding the Hidden Side of Change in Self and Society" is culmination of his decades of clinical work to understand this paradox and the how psychic energy contributes to this dynamic.  Nathan is also highly regarded as a world expert in Narcissism. His earlier 1982 book, "Narcissim and Character Transformation: The Psychology of Narcissistic Character Disorders" remains an important classic to understanding this common disorder. He has also written extensively on world mythology, alchemy, the psychodynamics of relationships and other themes. 

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