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May 20, 2015  

Today, how natural sounds improve mood and productivity, natural plant chemicals in licorice root could help fight tooth decay, an animal’s presence can ease social anxiety in kids with autism, and Vitamin E’s benefits for building strong muscles.

Recent USDA report on the further 40% collapse in honey bee population  -- what we can do about it - with Ross Conrad.

Ross Conrad is a highly respected beekeeper in Middlebury Vermont relying upon organic methods of beekeeping and an expert in apitherapy – the medical usage of bee products such as honey, royal jelly, propolis, and bee venom. Ross learned his craft from the late world renowned beekeeper Charles Mraz and is a former president of the Vermont Beekeeper’s Association.  He is the owner and proprietor of Dancing Bee Gardens, which produces bee-related products and provides bees for the Vermont apple pollination in Spring.  He is a regular contributor to the publication Bee Culture, and is the author of “Natural Beekeeping: Organic Approaches to Modern Apiculture.”  His website is

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