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May 23, 2013  

Discussion on the March Against Monsanto with Tami Canal.

Tami Canal is the leading organizer and inspiration behind the global March Against  Monsanto, scheduled to take place in over 400 cities around the world this Saturday May 25.  Having lived in California when Prop 37 to label genetically modified foods and ingredients was defeated in November, she took it upon herself to raise the alarm about Monsanto’s endangering the world’s food supply and organize a popular dissent against the company’s domination of the political dialogue on the safety of our food and a sustainable environment.

For New York City

Union Squre, 50 E. 17th Street, 1 pm

For New Brunswick in New Jersey

Meet at George Street Food Co-op

89 Morris Street, new Brunswick

For  a list of cities and meeting locations see:


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