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May 23, 2017  

The story of CIA-sponsored Terrorism to remove Castro and further evidence of CIA involvement in the JFK assassination.

Carlos Harrison is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, editor and author. He is a former national and international correspondent for Fox New, a reporter for the Miami Herald and has written two award winning television documentaries, seven featured screenplays and 100s of articles for newspapers and magazines, including the invasion of Panama, the hostage crisis of the Japanese embassy in Peru, Brazilian economics, and clandestine activities inside Cuba during the mass rafter exodus in the mid 1990s.  Carlos is also the former managing editor of People en Espanol and he has written over a dozen books including Ricky Martin's spiritual memoir, Spanish self-help books, a cook book with Gloria Estefan, and others.  Recently he co-wrote "Trained to Kill: The Inside Story of CIA Plots Against Castro, Kennedy and Che" written with Antonio Veciana, an exile Cuban and CIA asset who founded the anti-Castro terrorist group Alpha 66 and who had associations with Lee Harvey Oswald and Oswald's CIA handler David Atlee Phillips, aka Maurice Bishop.  His website is

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