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May 27, 2015  

The science health benefits of oxygen therapy - with Scott Sherr. 

The mediterranean diet, garlic and cardiovascular health, good cholesterol lowers risk of heart disease, more evidence that dietary fiber reduces risk of diabetes, and megadoses of vitamin D can reduce hospital stays.

Dr. Scott Sherr is a medical expert in the science and use of hyperbaric oxygen medicine.  He is magna cum laude graduate from the University of Maryland School of Medicine and has received awards in excellence in the practice of internal medicine.  He is the medical director at the San Francisco Institute for Hyperbaric Medicine and more recently became the medical advisor for Hyperbaric Medical Solutions,  a state of art treatment facility in New York City. He is also the medical advisor for the nonprofit One Hit Away Foundation, which focuses on treatment of individuals with sports-related brain injuries. His focus has been on the treatment of PTSD and brain injuries among veterans and civilians, stroke, neurological disorders and Lymes disease. His webites are and

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