The Gary Null Show

The Gary Null Show - 05/31/12

May 31, 2012

Documentary Feature – Dirt! The Movie – with filmmaker Bill Benenson

Bill Benenson is an award winning filmmaker with over 30 years experience producing and directing documentary and Hollywood movies.  His Hollywood productions include Boulevard Nights, Under the Volcano, A Walk on the Moon, and Pumping Iron

Bill and his wife Laurie help run The Frances and Benjamin Benenson Foundation, a non profit that supports educational, social and environmental organizations. They are active in the Violence Policy Center, the Natural Resources Defense Council, Bioneers, Conservation International, Rainforest Action Network, The Nature Conservancy and TreePeople.

Today we are going to discuss with Bill his 2009 film “Dirt! The Movie” which showed at Sundance and aired on PBS’s Earth Day Special. His newest feature documentary coming out is By the Light of a Million Fires – that shares the story and lives o fthe last hunter-gathering tribe in the world, the Hadza in Tanzania.

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