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June 11, 2012  

Why we need to pay attention to the FDA and its regressive policies

Jim Turner is one of the original Nader Raiders and a principal in the Washington law firm Swankin and Turner where he represents consumer interests concerning food, drugs, health and the environment, produce safety and regulatory issues. He has appeared before every major consumer regulatory agency including the FDA and NIH, the EPA, the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Federal Trade Commission. He has been a special counsel for several Senate committees such as the Committee on Food, Nutrition and Health and the Government Operations Subcommittee on Government Research.

Mike Adams is a leading voice in the generation after mine to have emerged in alternative medicine and public health issues. After embracing alternative medicine and a healthy lifestyle, he cured himself of diabetes in several months and has dedicated his life to mind-body medicine, natural health, preventative medical science and health freedom issues. and researching the underlying causes of disease. Mike is the founder of and has written over 1,600 articles on health and critiques about modern medicine under the title of Health Ranger. His non-profit organization, The Consumer Wellness Center, and publishing company Truth Publishing are important education arms for consumer information and research on the benefits of vegetarian diet, supplements, lifestyle change, exercises. And he also is the founder an host of Natural News Television and frequently hosts Alex Jones program.

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