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June 14, 2013  

Prior NSA and government domestic surveillance of American citizens

New York Times has called Carl Mayer, a populist crusader and maverick lawyer.” He runs the Mayer Law Group in Princeton NJ. Carl has been featured on 60 Minutes for his undercover work in exposing rampant corruption and criminality in New Jersey politics. For years he has been opposed to the efforts by corporations to use the Bill of Rights to shield and protect wrongful behavior.  The New York Times has called him a “populist crusader and maverick lawyer” fighting for people’s rights. He is a magna cum laude graduate from Princeton, and received his JD from the University of Chicago and an LLM degree from Harvard Law School

Carl represented Chris Hedges, Daniel Ellsberg and other plaintiffs in their suit against Obama and his National Defense Authorization Act  provision permitting indefinite detention of Americans and for the Act’s vagueness in defining what constitutes support of hostilities towards the US.   He has also worked alongside the Electronic Frontier Foundation its cases against government surveillance and spying on the internet. His website is

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