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June 15, 2012  

The criminal street gang nature in government – the DemoCrips and ReBloodicans -- the government-global corporate complex, and why third parties won’t help very much

We have as our guest toady one of the nation’s more colorful political and social voices in the progressive community – Jesse Ventura. He was a Navy Seal during the latter phase of the Vietnam War, followed by a career in professional wrestling in the World Wrestling Federation and then a sportscaster. In the early 1990s, Jesse began his political career, first as mayor of Brooklyn Park in Minnesota and later being elected as the governor of the state on the independent Reform Party ticket from 1998 to 2002. Jesse has been an ardent supporter of Main Street Americans – when his state of Minnesota ran a budget surplus, he provided a sales tax rebate since the money belonged to the public. He has been a proponent for gay rights, women’s rights, opposition to trade sanctions and a leading critic of federal policies leading America into morphing into a police surveillance state.

Jesse’s has written several books including “63 Documents the Government Doesn’t’ Want you to Read” and “American Conspiracies”

His most recent publication released this month is “DemoCrips and ReBloodicans: No More Gangs in Government”

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