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June 20, 2012  

How official stories are manufactured to become conventional wisdom and to protect guilty officials

Liam Scheff is an investigative journalist and researcher addresses scientific discoveries, the medical cult and politics of scientism – especially concerning infectious disease, vaccines and prescription drugs -- and issues concerning race, class and culture. He has been an activist for chidren and adolescent rights, and broke the story about government agencies, particularly the NIH, and Big Pharma’s hidden experimental trials with dangerous HIV drugs on New York City orphans. Liam is a co-host of Robert Scott Bell’s program on health, and has been published in the New York Press, LA Citybeat, Salvo, Hustler and others. He is a contributing investigator for the Office of Medical and Scientific Justice and founder of the Reduce The His recent book is “Official Stories” – which looks at official stories of events and science that have become mainstream beliefs, albeit unfounded by facts, evidence and new science.

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