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The Gary Null Show - 11.14.19

November 14, 2019
Whistleblowers being brought forth by the democrats in the Trump impeachment case

John Kiriakou (Keer-ee-a-ko) is a former CIA analyst, counter-terrorism operations officer, case office and was a senior investigator for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  He was later John Kerry's intelligence adviser. After 911, John was chief of counter-terrorist operations in Pakistan, later becoming the Executive Assistant to the CIA's Deputy Director of Operations. John turned whistleblower over the CIA's torture policy practiced against prisoners in custody, thus becoming the first government official to confirm the use of waterboarding on al-Qaeda inmates.  He was tried for passing on classified information and served two years in a federal correctional facility. He was the sixth indicted whistleblower by Obama under the Espionage Act.  Nevertheless, John had received 10 exceptional awards from the CIA and the State Department's Meritorious Honor Award. He has also received the Joe Callaway Award for Civic Courage as a national security whistleblower, the 2013 Peacemaker of the Year Award from the Justice Center, in 2016 the Sam Adams Award. among others. He has written several books, including "The Reluctant Spy: My Secret Life in the CIA's War on Terror," and more recently "Doing Time Like a Spy: How the CIA Taught Me to Survive and Thrive in Prison." John hosts the broadcast "Loud and Clear" which can be heard on the Progressive Radio Network every Wednesday at 7:00 Eastern time. His website is

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