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Today's guest is Lara Pizzorno and she is a Senior Medical Editor for SaluGenecists in Seattle, and a member of the American Medical Writers Association with over 25 years experience covering medical, natural health and nutritional topics. She is also the Managing Editor of Longevity Medical Review. Lara has contributed as a leading author to important resource publications such as the Textbook of Natural Medicine, the Textbook of Functional Medicine, Encyclopedia of Healing Foods, Natural Medicine Instructions for Patients, and many other publications.

Lara’s recent book, written with the consultation of Dr. Jonathan Wright who has been a frequent guest on this program, is “Your Bones; How to Prevent Osteoporosis and Have Strong Bones for Life Naturally.” She speaks on this topic with expert experience, having been diagnosed with osteopenia – loss of bone density – and having treated it naturally.

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