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May 26, 2011  

Today's guest is Aileen Mee-o-yo Smith and she is the Executive Director of Green Action in Kyoto, Japan-- a citizens public protection organization founded in 1991 to stop Japan’s plutonium program and to shift the country’s emphasis on nuclear energy towards clean renewable. Aileen first became aware of the dangers of toxic waste in 1970, when she and her husband were documenting the human toll of mercury poisoning in the town of Minamata. Since then, she and her organization have become one of Japan’s leading and most effective voices challenging the production, commerce and transport of nuclear materials.

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  • dianejoy klein-cassar

    hola from todos santos, baja california sur, mexico, gary, i saw a picture of myself on your website when you first opened the farm in stone ridge. i am the fat little lady standing next to you. i’m the gal that cooked for your workshops and lost the hot pepper into the lentil soup causing everyone to strip and sweat… yes, i’m still an avid follower of your words and i am healthier than any other woman my age, 72 now, that i know… so i thank you for all the correct information… now, at my age, when i listen on my computer to your passionate diatribes about the greed and corruption in the world bank, governments and the men who run the ponzie schemes to bankrupt the entire world, i KNOW that my feelings and gut reactions about it all have been right on the money… ah yes, the money… i worked all my life and finally after struggling for most of those years for reasons known and unknown, i live in mexico on social security of $823usd a month… i was on the dole in the states and hated it… it is very interesting that they are going to try to privatize my social security, like they wanted to sell our ports to the arabs… i hope you are laughing right now, gary, reading my words… such a fiasco, such a corruption, such a sin upon the little folks, and now going up the food chain to the middle class descending the water slide into being poor… oh lordy, my vision is chaos in the streets… and finally the death of everything we know these days… at least i hope so… what we know must die for the new consciousness to evolve into reality… thank you for the years of work you put into my brain and body… there are few persons in this world that i respect, gary. you are one of them. dianejoy cassar

    May 27, 2011 at 2:02 pm