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December 5, 2018  

How did American democracy arrive at the doorstep of its demise

Patrick Andendall, an award-winning British investigative journalist, author, business entrepreneur and news junkie who has spent years researching the Republican party -- its domestic and international platforms, economic policies, associations with religion and populace movements, and its corporate alliances.  Raised in the UK, he is a graduate of Lancing College and worked as a broker at Lloyds of London before launching his own career in reinsurance in London and New York. Patrick is the author of Deliverance from Stupidparty Land: How to Eradicate the Destructive Forces Destroying American Democracy, which maps the malignant and myopic nationalist agenda that and offers suggestions for removing the “stupid” from our political and social discourse. His later book “Who is Jeb” takes a political and satirical romp through the Bush family’s legacy of incompetence.  His website is

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