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December 14, 2012  

Counseling HIV positive patients,  a meeting with Luc Montagnie and recent HIV research out of the University of Firenze in Italy

Dr. Alessio Pisani (Piss-ah-nee) is a clinical psychologist specializing in Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychoimmunology in Turin Italy. While working towards his doctorate and studying the history of cancer, he was introduced to the HIV-AIDS debate and later developed a close association with one of the world's leading medical researchers in alternative theories of HIV science -- Dr. Marco Ruggerio in the Department of Pathology and Oncology at the University of Firenze.

As a psychotherapist, Dr. Pisani has worked with many HIV positive patients and through his analytical work he has witnessed some amazing results in the body-mind relationship of having a HIV positive diagnosis given.

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