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December 19, 2014  

The global loss of ancient wisdom and healing knowledge due to globalization and uncontrolled modernization with Marie-Rose Phan-Le

Marie-Rose Phan-Le is the founder and president of the Healing Planet Project, a non profit organization dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of traditional healing and spiritual traditions through the media. She also comes from a family of traditional healers in Vietnam. Rose-Marie has over 20 years experience in film and television production including Northern Exposure and Ace’s High, and is currently the Chief Operating Officer of High Impact Inc. which specializes in high-tech medical and forensic animation.  Marie-Rose is the author of “Talking Story”, about her world-wide journey to connect with ancient spiritual healers and traditions, and she is the director of the award-winning documentary film “Talking Story” about her quest to preserve their wisdom and legacy.  Her website is    

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