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The Gary Null Show - 12.19.17

December 19, 2017

Our Microbiome and its relationship to our brain, thyroid and our mental health

Dr. Raphael Kellman is a Manhattan-based board certified physician in internal medicine and the founder of the Kellman Center for Integrative and Functional Medicine. Over the years he has gained international recognition for his treating 10s of 1000s of patients with functional and microbiome medical protocols. His holistic approach focuses on the entire individual and her or his many complexes, drawing from the individual's biochemistry, metabolism hormones, genetics, environment, emotions and lifestyle. Dr Kellman is particularly well-know for his research that connects the relationships between our microbiome, thyroid gland and brain for the natural treatment of mental disturbances. He is the author of several books, his most recent being "The Whole Brain: The Microbiome Solution to Heal Depression, Anxiety and Mental Fog Without Prescription Drugs."  Dr Kellman's website is

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