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June 9, 2011  

Today's guest is Vincent Bugliosi and he is one of the nation’s preeminent prosecuting attorneys and a multi-best selling author. He is best known for having prosecuted Charles Manson and the other defendants accused of the Tate-LaBianca murders. During his outstanding career as a Los Angeles county Deputy District Attorney, he has tried 106 felony cases, having lost only one and having won all the murder cases he prosecuted.

Aside from his book Helter Skelter, which detailed the Manson case, his best-selling “Outrage” unearthed the ineptitude of the prosecution and jury during the OJ Simpson trial. Other books have addressed the JFK assassination and Supreme Court decisions of Clinton vs. Jones and Bush vs. Gore, and a later book establishing the legal case for the prosecution of George W. Bush for murder.

His most recent book and perhaps most controversial is “Divinity of Doubt: The God Question” which essential puts on the stand the god of written sacred texts as well as organized religion, the ahistorial divine word of scripture, theism, intelligent design and atheism.

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