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August 23, 2011  

Guest: Dr. Nassir Ghaemi

Dr. Nassir Ghaemi is a professor of psychiatry, specializing in depression-related disorders, at Tufts University Medical School. He is director of the Mood Disorders program at Tuft’s Boston Medical Center and also serves on the faculty of Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Ghaemi has published over 100 scientific articles and written or edited several books. In addition to being a certified psychiatrist, he holds master degrees in philosophy and public health.

His recent book is “A First Rate Madness: Uncovering the Links Between Leadership and Mental Illness”, a controversial eye-opener into the mental states of many of history’s most important leaders, including Lincoln, Roosevelt, Churchill, Hitler, Gandhi, Kennedy and others and addresses the question into why certain leaders succeed and others fail in times of peace and during times of chaos and conflict.

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