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November 1, 2011  

Guests:  Dr. Brian Hooker, Darrin Drda

Dr. Brian Hooker is a Professor of Biology in Northern California and the Washington State representative for the Coalition for Mercury-Free Drugs, a national non-profit organization dedicated to the elimination of mercury in all mercury-containing medical products, including vaccines.  Dr. Hooker was instrumental and the lead submitter for the organization’s Freedom of Information request to gain access to the Centers of Disease Control’s documents which exposed CDC’s participation in the funding and execution of the famous Danish study negating a vaccine-autism relationship that has since become a scandal of corruption and fraud.  (

Darrin Drda has his higher degree in Philosophy and Cosmology from the California Institute of Integral Studies and is a long time practitioner and instructor in Insight Meditation.  He is a facilitator of the Awakening the Dreamer symposium which promotes ecological sustainability  and social justice.

Darrin is a regular contributor to the alternative spiritual news and commentary Reality Sandwich and Evolver sites. His recent book is “The Four Global Truths: Awakening to the Peril and Promise of Our Times”, a treatise that explores the roots of our ecological suffering and humanity’s alienation from itself and the planet.

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