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November 8, 2011  

Prof. Fawaz Gerges is a Professor of Middle Eastern Politics and International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He also holds the Emirates Chair of the Contemporary Middle East and is the Director of the Middle East Centre at his university. He has also taught at Oxford, Harvard, Columbia and Princeton universities. Prof. Gerges is internationally recognized as an expert in social movements in the Islamic nations, the sociology and politics of jihadist organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda, the Arab-Israeli conflict and American and European foreign relations with the Middle East. His research on al-Qaeda are regarded by many as the most informed in print.  His latest book “The Rise and Fall of al-Qaeda” is particularly important for challenging the reliability of the US government’s and major media’s propagandized threats of a viable terrorist organization that we come to know as al-Qaeda.

Prof. Gerges has written for many publications including the NY Times, Christian Science Monitor, The Guardian and Independent in the UK, and many peer reviewed journals. And frequently many media outlets, which have included BBC, NPR, Bill Moyers, Jim Lehrer and others.

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