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November 10, 2011  
Guest:  Dr. Kedar Prasad
Dr. Kedar Prasad is currently the Chief Scientific Officer for thePremier Micronutrient Corporation and is internationally recognized as one of the leading researchers in the field antioxidant and micronutrient biochemistry.  He is formerly the director of the Center for Vitamins and Cancer Research at the University of Colorado, the former President of the International Society of Nutrition and Cancer and a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition.
Dr. Prasad has published over 200 science articles and authored and/or edited over 15 books on radiation biology, nutrition and cancer.  His most recent book is “Fighting Cancer with Vitamins and Antioxidants” which provides the science and detailed amounts for using specific antioxidants and vitamins for preventing cancer, minimizing side effects from radiation and chemotherapy, and to counteract the health risks from x-rays, mammograms and cell phones.
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