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January 11, 2011  

Health Updates: update on Dr Andrew Wakefield; coconuts & insulin resistance, healthy brain function; resveratrol, quercitin; tomatoes vs bad fats.

Commentaries: the future of food riots; scientists turn water into fuel with sunlight & syrium dioxide; GM maize polluting rivers across US; Left & Right dialogues of hate.

Devra Davis is a renowned environmental health expert; a former professor of epidemiology at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, she is now a visiting professor at Harvard & Georgetown universities. Prof. Davis has held multiple advisory positions on national & international agencies, including the World Health Organization. In addition to her many awards for indepth research on environmental health & cancer, she has authored over 170 scientific publications & several books. Her recent book- “Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation and What the Industry has Done to Hide It”- is the most thorough investigation into the health risks of cell phone & like technologies and the story of the telecommunication industry’s attempt to cover up the science.  As an expert in the health risks of cell phone technology, she has testified before Congress on this issue.

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