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January 19, 2011  

Updates: antibiotic overuse in children; IBS; blueberries vs HBP; inverse benefit law- drugs most aggressively marketed to physicians & the public are the least beneficial; 99% of pregnant women in US test positive for multiple chemicals- including ones that are banned; couch potatoes beware- link to heart disease.

Comments: Vitamin D, Fluoride & Vaccines; genetically modified foods relabeled as ‘vaccinated’; Obama’s latest ‘deregulation’ appointees.

E-mails- dangerous TB tests forced on healthcare workers; college students are not taught to think critically- but rather swayed by emotions & political spin.

Dr Gilbert Welch is a nationally recognized expert on the effects of medical screening.  He is a Professor Medicine at Dartmouth University’s Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, and is the Director of Dartmouth’s Center for Medicine and the Media.  He has appeared on CNN, NPR and other media outlets; his writings have appeared in many medical journals, the New York Times and the Washington Post. “Overdiagnosis: Making People Sick in the Pursuit of Health”. The epidemic of overdiagnosis in American medicine leading to overtreatment & a national health crisis.

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