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January 20, 2011  

Vaccines, Autism & the Andrew Wakefield study.

Clifford Miller is a lawyer in Kent in the UK and a solicitor of the supreme court of England civil proceedings; he has been active in the investigation & advocacy of vaccine efficacy & safety issues, and runs the Child Health Safety site in the UK.

Jackie Fletcher is the founder of JABS (Justice, Awareness & Basic Support organization) UK’s largest, most active support group for parents of vaccine damaged children.  Jackie has three sons and became active in vaccine issues when her youngest, Robert, received the MMR and Hib meningitis vaccines at 13 months old in 1992. Ten days later he suffered prolonged seizures.  Now at 19 years old, Robert is confined to a wheel chair; he suffers from uncontrolled epilepsy, ulcerated esophagus and has severe learning disabilities.

Isabella Thomas has two autistic children who were part of the original 12 patients in the Royal Free study reported in the Lancet by Drs. Wakefield, Walker Smith, Murch and colleagues.

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