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September 11, 2012  

911 Special – focus on Pentagon attack updates

Barbara Honegger is a former White House Policy Analyst and Special Assistant to the Assistant to the president for Domestic Policy and a nationally recognized investigator and author about the attack on the Pentagon during 911. She was called as an expert witness at the First International Hearings on 911 held in Toronto in September 2011.  Earlier, Barbara was a Senior Military Affairs Journalist at the Dept of Defense’s Naval Postgraduate School and is best known for her book “October Surprise”, which exposed the Reagan teams Irangate and led to a full federal investigation in the House.  She is among the first of 50 high level former and current government officials to call for a new 911 investigation and she is a founding member of the International organization, Political Leaders for 911 Truth.

Pentagon attack updates and Consensus 911 findings

Tod Fletcher has assisted Prof. David Ray Griffin in the writing of nine books on 9/11 (from The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions to 9/11 Ten Years Later). Prof. Griffin, twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, is highly regarded as the leading expert on all topics related to controversies in the Official 911 Commission Report.  Tod is the co-author with NASA’s Dr. Tim Eastman of a recent peer-reviewed study “The Pentagon Attack in Context”.

Tod is a member of the 9/11 Consensus Panel – an organization of the leading scholars scientists, former military personal and researchers who focus on the clear scientific and forensic evidence supporting facts contrary to the commission’s report’s claims. From 2010 and 2011 Tod hosted an internet radio program, "9/11 In Context"at and his taught geography at University of California, San Francisco State and Laney College.


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