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April 27, 2011  

Today's guest is Dr. Len Saputo and he is a board certified physician in internal medicine and the Founder and Medical Director of Health Medicine Foundation in California, a nonprofit education foundation of integral healthcare providers and community leaders dedicated to a holistic vision of wellness. He has been practicing since 1965 after graduating from Duke University’s medical school.

Dr. Saputo is a renowned expert in photonic stimulation therapy for a wide range of diseases and detoxification. He is also an expert in sports medicine and has twice been ranked as the number one senior tennis player in the world by the International Tennis Federation.

He has co-authored several books on natural wellness health, his most recent being “A Return to Healing: Radical Health Care Reform and the Future of Medicine” which is a detailed critique of the dominant conventional medical establishment and paradigm, how it is a dismal failure, and what an integral approach to healing can provide to make it more humane, healthy and sustainable.

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