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September 28, 2012  

Update on the lawsuit against the obama administration over the National Defense Authorization Act.

Birgitta Jonsdottir is a member of Iceland’s Parliament representing the progressive Movement pary, formerly known as the Citizen’s Movement, which is co-founded. She serves on the Parliamentary Environmental and Foreign Affairs committees. The Movement’s platform is to make Iceland an international model for free press and to promote sustainability of her nation’s ecology and environment.

Birgitta is also an accomplished poet, artist, writer and activist, involved in a variety of international organizations including Poets Against the War, Friends of Tibet, in particular serving as a spokesperson for Wikileaks.

Birgitta’s sponsorship and support of Wikileaks was instrumental in making the notorious video of the US airstrike on civilians in Afghanistan – known as the Collateral Murder video -- public. Subsequently in the Department of Justices witch hunts for Wikileak supporters, she herself has been a victim of attempted personal information hacking by the DofJ.

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