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June 5, 2014  

The demise of earlier religious and spiritual beliefs, and the rise of a new wave of spirituality based upon social justice and caring for people and the earth

Chris Saade is a Lebanese Christian peace activist who was a leader in non-profit non-violent peace work and humanitarian relief during the Lebanese War. He is the founder of the Olive Branch Center in Charlotte North Carolina and a co-teacher with Andrew Harvey at the International Academy of Sacred Leadership, which focuses on heart-centered life coaching and socially-engaged activism.  Earlier, Chris directed the Institute for Life Leadership and Coaching for 16 years. Chris has a higher degree in Human Development and was trained in Jungian and existential psychology.


His recent publication is “Second Wave Spirituality: Passion for Peace, Passion for Justice” which chronicles and comments on the global demise of earlier religious and spiritual belief systems, and the emergence of a new spirituality focused upon social and economic justice, environmental and ecological concerns, peace efforts and a community ethic based upon caring and compassion. His website is

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