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The Gary Null Show - Derivatives Danger - 03/29/13

March 29, 2013

How derivatives could destroy our financial system – and some comments on Cyprus and its significance, with guests Ellen Brown and Paul Craig Roberts.

Ellen Brown is an economist and attorney who is now the President and Chairman of the Public Banking Institute – a non profit economic venture to find viable, sustainable solutions to America’s banking crises by promoting people-owned state and community banks. She has written extensively about the private financial cartels and the Federal Reserve. Her book, “Web of Debt: The Shocking Truth About Our Money System and How We Can Break Free” analyses in depth how Wall Street and its hold on Washington control money for their self-interests. She runs a blog,, which includes her articles dealing with the financial crisis, Administration’s handling of it, as well as new banking models for protecting the public. Her writings also frequently appear on the website of the Center for Global Research, where she is a research associate.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is one of today’s most progressive analytical and economic writers and commentators on the state of the nation: governmental dysfunction, political corruption, global and domestic economic threats, the war on terror, and the decline in human values in American society. He is the chairman of the Institute for Political Economy and a former Assistant Secretary of Treasury during Reagan’s first term. During his academic career he taught at many universities and held the William Simon Chair in Political Economy at the Center for Strategic and International Studies at Georgetown University. Dr. Roberts is a frequent contributor to Global Research, Counterpunch, Creators Syndicate, Opednews, and others. He was an associate editor at the Wall Street Journal and in 1993 was ranked as one of seven top US journalists. He has published many books during the past 40 years, his latest being “How the Economy was Lost: The War of the Worlds”

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