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May 22, 2014  

Recent research in vaccine-induced overload – what it means and what is not be addressed in the vaccine safety-efficacy debate.

Dr. Bart Classen is medical physician and a professional immunologist and a leading researcher into adverse effects from vaccination. He is perhaps best known for his work on the relationship of vaccines, particularly the Hib vaccine, and the rising rates of adult type 1 diabetes among children. He is currently the President and founder of Classen Immunotherapies, the Chief Science Officer of Summer Street Research Partners in Maryland and earlier for the NIH’s department of Immunology. For 15 years he served as a consultant and analyst for the biopharmaceutical industry and has founded a small biotech company focused on vaccine and pharmaceutical safety.

Bart holds an MD from the University of Maryland and received an MBA from Columbia University. His writings and research can be found on

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