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June 6, 2014  

The increasing rise of prescribing adult psychiatric drugging of infants and toddlers is reaching epidemic levels

Dr. Toby Watson is a clinical psychotherapist, specializing in Integrated Evidence Based psychology, and the executive and clinical director of Associated Psychological Health Services, a free clinic for the recovery of emotionally abused children. Earlier he was the International Executive Director of the International Society Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry, a profestionally organization founded by Dr. Peter Breggin which has ha a large impact on therapeutic education and training on mental health.  Dr. Watson is also the former Chief Supervising Psychologist for the State of Wisconsins Department of Corrections.  He has degrees from the University of Wisconsin, and a Masters and doctorate from the California School of Professional Psychology in Clinical Dynamic Psychology.  His websites are and more information on the dangers of psychotropic drugging can be found on the Citizens Commission on Human Rights site

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