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June 2, 2020  

Elizabeth (Liz) Glass is a progressive Democratic candidate running for the NY State Senate seat in District 27 in Manhattan, which includes the East and West Villages, Stuy Town, Chelsea, Hell's Kitchen, Times Square and parts of midtown.  She is challenging the current 8 year incumbent Brad Hoylman.  New Yorkers might remember that Hoylman was the sponsor for the bill that mandated vaccination for all children to attend both public and private schools. He is also a supporter of the NY Senate bill S.7919 that as passed in March of this year that granted Cuomo full executive powers that are almost dictatorial. Liz is running on a grassroots constituent-based platform that focuses on tackling the state's fiscal deficit, a broken healthcare system run by corporate interests, restoring vaccine exemptions, opposing the roll out of 5G wireless technology and restoring civil rights.

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