The Gary Null Show

The Gary Null Show - Israeli Veterans - 10/02/12

October 2, 2012

Israeli Defense Forces veterans speaking out on military operations and actions in the Occupied Territories

YEHUDA SHUAL was born and raised in Jerusalem in an ultra-Orthodox family. After graduating from a yeshiva high school in a Jewish settlement on the West Bank, Shaul served in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), achieving the rank of commander and platoon sergeant, and was posted in the Palestinian towns of Bethlehem, Hebron and Ramallah on the West Bank. In 2004, Shaul founded Breaking the Silence with a group of fellow veterans; he serves as the organization’s Co-Director and Foreign Relations Officer.

AVNER GVARYAHU, 27, served in the IDF in the paratroops, where he attained the rank of staff sergeant. After his discharge, he worked at Breaking the Silence as a researcher. Avner is a third-year student in the School of Social Work and lives in Tel Aviv.

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