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August 28, 2012  

The terrorist fear sham – and media promulgation of it

Professor John Mueller is the Woody Hayes Chair of National Security Studies at the Mershon Center at Ohio State University, where he is also a professor of political science.  He is also a senior fellow at the Cato Institute think tank. His areas of special research include international and foreign policies, democratization and terrorism and national security measure related to the war on terror.

Professor Mueller is the author of several books focusing on national security, including “Terror, Security and Money: Balancing the Risks, Costs and Benefits of Homeland Security” and “Atomic Obsession: Nuclear Alarmism from Hiroshima to Al-Qaeda, both published by Oxford University Press.  His more recent research paper – “The Terrorism Delusion: America’s Overwrought Response to September 11 appears in the Summer issue of International Security journal and is available online. It is an important deconstruction of the evidence behind serious terrorist threats that government and media would like us to believe.

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