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The Gary Null Show - The Mystery Man - 03/08/13

March 8, 2013

America's mystery man in Iraq and the Pentagon's role in the creation of paramilitary death squads and torture centers in Iraq - with Maggie O'Kane.

Maggie O'Kane is the multimedia editor and director of investigations at the Guardian in the UK. She was previously the editorial director of GuardianFilms, the Emmy award winning film company which specializes in investigative films for the Guardian website and British and international TV. A former foreign correspondent with the newspaper, she has covered most of the world's major conflicts over the last decade. Her awards include British Journalist of the Year and Foreign Correspondent of the Year.

Maggie is the executive director of the Guardian’s recent documentary profiling Col James Steele, a mysterious counterinsurgency expert who has been exposed as directly responsible for the creation of paramilitary police commandos in both El Salvador and Iraq. The 15-month investigation uncovers the key role Steele played in the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Petraeus strategy for fighting terror with terror and running a network of secret torture centers

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