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July 5, 2018  

Today, to call oneself a Progressive means you support and advocate human values and ethics that respect, honor and promote the well-being of everyone in society and around the globe. Every person, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation has the right to live a satisfying and healthy life free of any economic, political or socialized enslavement. Progress is not limited solely to scientific, industrial or technological improvement. If so-called "enlightened reason" means further stifling people's lives in gross economic inequality, rich versus the poor, and socially disenfranchises fellow members of our society, then it has nothing to do with the Progressive cause. Consequently, Progressivism holds all ruling parties and their bureaucracies to task in order to prioritize the public good and to support political parties and movements outside the status quo who work on the behalf of humanity and universal human values. In the US, both Republican and Democrat alike represent a dysfunctional system and have failed dismally to honor their social contract with average Americans.  In our postmodern world, Progressive thought does not require any party allegiance. It is the state of being conscientious, awake and an alive human being with deep compassion for the plight of others and a disdain for those who would deprive others of their dignity. 


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