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September 6, 2019  

Wikipedia Skeptics Attack on Truth in Journalism Richard Gale and Gary Null PhD Progressive Radio Network, September 5, 2019 There are thousands of American journalists. The public expects them to be independent of political, financial and ideological biases. Indeed there are multiple examples. But there are very few journalists in the mainstream media who have investigated the truth behind the efficacy and safety of vaccines. More often than not the media simply accepts the CDC’s talking points and conveys that to its viewers. One journalist, Sharyl Attkisson has chosen to be different. She has not been afraid to ask tough questions otherwise anathema to the corporate media and to introduce different and often controversial perspectives that challenge the official status quo about a story. For that reason, Attkisson has earned five Emmy Awards and the prestigious Edward R Murrow Award for outstanding broadcast journalism. Consequently, efforts to go on the offensive to discredit Attkisson’s accomplishments come up empty handed. Except on the issue of vaccination. Over the years and before leaving CBS, she was the sole major media voice to conduct serious research into the vaccine safety controversies. In 2009, we were repeatedly bombarded with fearmongering from the CDC and other federal health agencies about the Swine Flu (H1N1) pandemic. Once the flu season kicked into full force, across the mainstream newspapers and television channels, we heard of the seriousness of the infection and reported deaths. However, while working with CBS News, Attkisson tried to get exact figures for the actual number of confirmed Swine Flu cases from government agencies. Putting in a request to the CDC, the agency replied it was “no longer reporting case counts for novel H1N1” and would post its rationale the following day. The agency failed to do so. Attkisson wrote on the CBS website,


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