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19 hours ago

·                   Astragulus found to inhibit breast cancer cell proliferation
·                   Scientists reveal mechanistic link between zinc levels and diabetes
·                   Being positive linked to lower chance of dying, study says
·                   Increasing steps by 3,000 per day can lower blood pressure in older adults
·                   Yogic breathing shows promise in reducing symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder 
·                   Midlife physical activity is associated with better cognition in old age

2 days ago

·         CoQ10 may improve facial wrinkles: RCT
·         Natural compound could reduce breast cancer risk in some women 
·         Aerobic and strength training exercise combined can support better brain health in your 80s and 90s, new study finds
·         Study links blue light from smartphones or tablets to early puberty
·         How hops compound could help lower metabolic syndrome risk
·         Sleep makes relearning faster and longer-lasting

3 days ago

·         New research adds evidence to the benefits of ginger supplements for treating autoimmune diseases
·         Potassium-rich foods could lower stroke risk in older women 
·         Study finds association between elevated phthalate levels and increased risk of postpartum depression
·         Everyday experiences may bring us unexpected joy in the future
·         Weight loss water: Drinking before each meal aids weight reduction
·         Screen time at age 1 year tied to worse later developmental performance

6 days ago

RCT supports Fenugreek extract’s menopausal benefits
Children with heightened levels of serum interleukin-6 found to be at higher risk for mood disorders
The effects of massage with frankincense and myrrh oil in chronic low back pain: A three-arm randomised controlled trial
Could artificial sweeteners in processed food raise depression risk?
Is This Tart Flower the Secret to Staying Slim?
Young people's mental health deteriorated at greater rate during the pandemic, finds study

7 days ago

Study: Curcumin in turmeric starves cancer cells to death
Study shows morning and afternoon slightly better than evening physical activity for diabetes prevention
More vitamin K means lower diabetes risk
Lots of sitting may boost older adults' dementia risk
Serum melatonin and serotonin levels in long-term skilled meditators
Exposure to plasticizers in pregnancy associated with smaller volumetric measures in the brain and lower IQ in children

The Gary Null Show 9.20.23

Wednesday Sep 20, 2023

Wednesday Sep 20, 2023

Almonds can enhance weight loss, boost heart health — despite high-fat content
STUDY: Compound in coffee and tea can prevent liver cancer cells from spreading
Pediatricians' group warns against keto diet for kids with diabetes
Can pomegranate juice protect the infant brain?
At which age we are at our happiest 
Mulberry leaf extract shows blood sugar management potential: Human data

The Gary Null Show 9.19.23

Tuesday Sep 19, 2023

Tuesday Sep 19, 2023

Vitamin B1 associated with improved survival among heart attack patients
A Mixture of Nordic Berries Improves Cognitive Function, Metabolic Function and Alters the Gut Microbiota
Researchers discover learning and memory deficits after ingestion of aspartame
Study shows nearly 300% increase in ADHD medication errors
Chamomile Shown to Battle Anxiety, Depression Significantly
The effects of NAD+ precursor supplementation on weight loss and related hormones: A Systematic Review

The Gary Null Show 9.18.23

Monday Sep 18, 2023

Monday Sep 18, 2023

Blueberry extract could help fight gum disease and reduce antibiotic use
Can a vitamin transform natural killer cells into a cancer therapy? Scientists think the answer is yes
Living in a disadvantaged neighborhood affects food choices, weight gain and the microstructure of the brain: Study
Vitamin B6 reduces adverse H. pylori treatment reactions
Young women can 'bank' exercise for better heart health
Early ovary removal likely to accelerate aging process and health problems

The Gary Null Show 9.15.23

Friday Sep 15, 2023

Friday Sep 15, 2023

New trial suggests that N-acetylglucosamine restores neurological function in multiple sclerosis patients
Vitamin K level not Vitamin E could be to blame for cancer links: Symposium
Women receiving inflated risks from genetic testing could undergo unnecessary breast surgery
Systems biology research study reveals benefits of vacation and meditation
Cleaning products emit hundreds of hazardous chemicals, new study finds
Retinoic acid suppresses colorectal cancer development, Stanford study finds

The Gary Null Show 9.14.23

Thursday Sep 14, 2023

Thursday Sep 14, 2023

·        Glucosamine use associated with lower risk of dementia
·        First Ground Breaking Study Shows How Rhodiola Rosea Protects People From Viral Infections
·        Obesity now linked to eight more types of cancer
·        Older adults with digestive diseases experience higher rates of loneliness, depression
·         ‘Night owls’ more likely than ‘early birds’ to develop diabetes
·        Amino acid supplements may boost vascular endothelial function in older adults: Study

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