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February 18, 2011  

Today's guest is Dr. Gary Greenberg and he is a psychotherapist, author, teacher and a historian of psychiatric diagnosis and illness, now practicing in Connecticut. He is also a professor at Connecticut College, and his investigative research explores the intersection of science, politics and ethics, and his articles have appeared in Harpers, The New Yorker, Wired, Rolling Stone and Mother Jones. An earlier article Harpers raised much attention when Gary was treated for depression during a clinical trial. The caveat was that he was taking the placebo.

February 17, 2011  

Today's guest is Catriona MacGregor and she is a visionary leader and author addressing the means by which humans can more constructive and healthy relationships between themselves and nature. For over 20 years she has been involved in environmental trends in the US and abroad, having developed and implemented conservation and educational initiatives in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia and the US.

February 16, 2011  

Today's guest is Matteo Pistono and he is an American Buddhist practitioner, scholar and political activist. For the past decade, Matteo has entered some of the more remote regions of Tibet, evading Chinese security to bring out photos of prisons, secret documents, smuggled interviews of torture victims and acts of human rights abuse. He has become one of the major sources of such information for the Dalai Lama, non profit organizations, the State Department and various Congressional leaders – all the while keeping his identity concealed.

February 15, 2011  
February 14, 2011  
February 14, 2011  

Today's guest is Ehud Sperling and he is the founder and president of Inner Traditions International, one of the world’s largest publishers of books on spirituality, religion, and alternative health, and one of the true pioneers in alternative publishing starting back in 1975. Inner Traditions has brought to print numerous important voices who otherwise would have fallen into obscurity. In addition, Ehud and his publishing firm have been involved in philanthropic service over the years, helping with projects in the Amazon, India, Costa Rica and elsewhere.

Also, we have Dr. Vatshala Sperling and she was once the chief clinical microbiologist at the Child Trust Hospital in Chen-nai India before her marriage to Ehud which has been a model of spiritual courtship and a deep exploration beyond the conditionings of East-West obligatory rules and cultural expectations, while retaining the essential spiritual qualities of both. She is now a doctor of homeopathy and the author of children’s books.

The Sperlings deeply inspiring, autobiographical book – “For Seven Lifetimes: An East-West Journey to a Spiritually Fulfilling and Sustainable Marriage” offers a much needed alternative of wisdom into relationships between men and women in our digital age of dating and courtship.

February 11, 2011  

Today's guest is Louise Habakus and she is the co-founder and Director of theCenter for Personal Rights – a non profile advocacy organization dedicated to the protection of vaccination choice as an essential human and civil right – and sits on the Steering Committee of the Coalition for Vaccine Safety. Before becoming a certified health practitioner in Integrative Nutrition and the founder of Life Health Choices, Louise was a former managing director of Putnam Investments and a corporate VP for Prudential Financial. She has two vaccine injured children which led to her commitment and advocacy for vaccine safety and freedom for vaccine chioice.

February 10, 2011  

Today's guest is Brent Leung and he is a young Canadian born film director, with a degree in psychology from Kwantlen University in British Columbia and the Watkins Film School in Nashville. Brent’s first documentary, House of Numbers, is the latest controversial film to challenge the official HIV-AIDS story. Having been troubled by the media’s portrayal of AIDS, Brent embarked on a journey to many countries to film and interview major players on both sides of the HIV debate. House of Numbers won international media attention and awards. One of the primary reasons for the film being a victim of a concerted effort by the AIDS establishment is because Brent managed to get access to interview and film some of the primary guardians of the HIV-AIDS story – including Luc Montagnier, Robert Gallo, John Levy, Anthony Fauci, Jim Moore and others, and present their own words showing that HIV is barely understood by the so-called experts and authorities and the research establishment is in disarray and our health policy dealing with AIDS is a disaster.

Brent is preparing a new release of approximately 10 hours of footage focusing on his interviews with the leaders of the AIDS-HIV story.


Also, we have Liam Scheff and he is an investigative journalist and researcher addresses scientific discoveries, the medical cult and politics of scientism – especially concerning infectious disease, vaccines and prescription drugs -- and issues concerning race, class and culture. He has been an activist for chidren and adolescent rights, and broke the story about government agencies, particularly the NIH, and Big Pharma’s hidden experimental trials with dangerous HIV drugs on New York City orphans.

Liam has been published in the New York Press, LA Citybeat, Salvo, Hustler and others. He is a contributing investigator for the Office of Medical and Scientific Justice and founder of the Reduce The His online podcast, The Investigation, covers a variety of themes concerning the perversion of science.


Also, we have Mark Gabrish Conlan and he is gay journalist and an expert in the history of the gay community and AIDS activist. Mark is the founder of the San Diego chapter of HEAL (Health Education AIDS Liaison) and the editor of Zenger’s News Magazine, a monthly publication on alternative lifestyles, politics, health and culture, and contributes investigative articles, and writes for the San Diego Reader. Mark is a participant in the ReThinking AIDS organization and a contributor to their news and publication site.

February 8, 2011  
February 7, 2011  

Today's guest is Mark Hertzgaard and he is an American journalist who has been called “one of America’s finest reporters” by Barbara Ehrenreich. For the past twenty years, Mark has focused his investigations into the ecological fate of the earth. He is the environmental correspondent for The Nation and writes on climate change for Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, Time, Die Zeit and other publications.

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