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May 17, 2011  
May 16, 2011  

Gerald Celente is one of today’s pioneers in trend strategy. He founded the Trends Research Institute and its Trends Journal in 1980 and has since been one of the nation’s most sought after diagnosticians and forecasters. His work covers over 300 fields including business and finance, politics, the environment, society and technology.

Gerald’s insights have been sought for by major networks, PBS and BBC, Russian TV, and publications such as the Economist and major newspapers.

PUBLICATION: “The Trends Journal” is published 4 times a year at the website:

May 13, 2011  

Today's guest is Jonathan W. Emord and he is one of the nation’s leading free speech attorneys. He has defeated the Food and Drug Administration a remarkable six times in federal court, more times than any other attorney in American history, earning him the title, “FDA Dragon Slayer.” In 2007 he received the Cancer Control Society’s Humanitarian Award for “winning and preserving our great civil rights to life, to liberty, and to health freedoms.” Jonathan is the Chair of the Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists and a member of the Governing Council of the International Society of Regulatory Toxicology. Formerly an attorney in the Reagan Administration’s Federal Communications Commission, Emord has practiced constitutional and administrative law in Washington, D.C. for the past twenty-five years. He is routinely consulted by industry, Congress, and the media on regulatory issues that affect health freedom. He is the author of several critically acclaimed books including The Ultimate Price (2007); The Rise of Tyranny (2008); and Global Censorship of Health Information (2010).

May 12, 2011  

Today's guest is Patricia Cori and she is an author, lecturer, historian ancient cultures, and a spiritual teacher, living in Italy but currently on the Azore Islands off the coast of Portugal and Africa. She is recognized intuitive sensitive who has been focusing her attention on the ecological plight of dolphins and whales amidst rapid man-made degradation and pollution of our oceans. Her deep connection following years swimming and attempting to communicate with whales and dolphins has led to her starting an international campaign to prevent the extinction of these extraordinarily intelligent sentient beings.

Patricia is the author of several books including Beyond the Matrix: Daring conversations with the Brilliant Minds of Our Times, which includes discussion with Michio Kaku, astronaut Edgar Mitchell and others. Her most recent book is “ Before We Leave You: Messages from the Great Whales and the Dolphins” which records her journey into the world of these creatures and their attempts to give humanity a message about the endgame of civilization’s ongoing destruction of the environment.

May 11, 2011  
May 10, 2011  

Today's guest is Dr Robert Verkerk and he is an internationally acclaimed expert in agricultural, environmental and health sustainability. In 2002, he founded the Alliance for Natural Health International which has become one of the leading, not-for-profit campaign organizations working globally to promote more sustainable healthcare systems through the use of natural and bio-compatible approaches. He is presently executive and scientific director of the ANH-Intl as well as being co-chair of the organization’s Scientific and Medical Advisory Board (with Dr Jeanne Drisko, Kansas University Medical Center).

Amongst his many affiliations, he is a regional fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine (UK), Patron of the College of Naturopathic Medicine (UK) and acts as scientific advisor to the Irish Association of Health Stores. He has authored some 60 papers in scientific journals and conference proceedings and contributes regularly to magazines and other popular media.


May 9, 2011  
May 6, 2011  
May 5, 2011  

Today's guest is Dr. Joseph Debe and he is a Chiropracter and Board certified nutritionist in New York State who has specialized in sports injuries and physical fitness. He is Director of Clinical Nutrition for DREAM Wellness health centers. He has written numerous articles on natural health and wellness and is author of the book The Ultimate Creatine Handbook: A Safe Alternative for Healthy Muscle Building.

One area of Dr. Debay’s specialty is Functional Medicine laboratory tests – such as nutrients status, toxins, hormone levels, food allergies, sugar metabolism and others -- for uncovering underlying causes for diseases. Many of the most important laboratory tests that benefit alternative medical physicians and holistic practitioners are not permitted in New York – including hair analysis for measuring nutrient and toxic chemical levels. It is quite shocking to hear the list of tests New York does not permit. Dr. Debay has been spearheading an effort to change this and have them approved.


May 4, 2011  

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