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August 17, 2011  

Guest: Christopher Hellman

Christopher Hellman is a Senior Research Analyst at the National Priorities Project, a nonprofit organization with a mission to make the complexities of the federal budget more transparent and accessible to American citizens for the purpose of strengthening an informed and engaged society. Earlier, Christopher was a Military Policy Fellow at the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation where he specialized in national security and military planning and spending, weapons systems, defense industry trends and homeland security. He has also been analyst for the Center for Defense Information and Physicians for Social Responsibility and severed as a congressional staffer on national security issues on Capitol Hill for ten years..

As a journalist, Christopher is a frequent contributor to progressive outlets such as TomsDispatch, Counterpunch and the Huffington Post.

August 16, 2011  

Guest: Dr. Michael Hudson

Dr. Michael Hudson is one of our nation’s important economists and Wall Street financial analysts. He is currently the President of The Institution for the Study of Long-Term Economic Trends and was the Chief Economic Policy Advisor for the Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s 2008 presidential campaign. Dr. Hudson has served as an advisor to the White House, State and Defense departments at the Hudson Institute, in addition to the United Nations Institute where he became a specialist in global economics.

Dr. Hudson has written several books and many important papers articles, including “Super-Imperialism: The Economic Strategy of the American Empire” and “Global Fracture: The New International Economic Order”

August 15, 2011  

Guest: Gerald Celente

Gerald Celente is one of today’s pioneers in trend strategy. He founded the Trends Research Institute and its Trends Journal in 1980 and has since been one of the nation’s most sought after diagnosticians and forecasters. His work covers over 300 fields including business and finance, politics, the environment, society and technology.

Gerald’s insights have been sought for by major networks, PBS and BBC, Russian TV, and publications such as the Economist and major newspapers.

August 12, 2011  

Richard Gage is a San Francisco based architect specializing in large building construction of fire-proofed steel framed structures and has worked in the industry for over 20 years. He is a founding member of the organization Architects and Engineers for 911Truth, an independent organization of approximately 700 architects and engineers who have conducted their own investigations into the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings, a likely cause based on the evidence they have gathered, and who now present the largest science-based challenge to the official 911 Commission report.

Richard is also a primary featured expert in a new documentary premiering on September 1st in theaters: “911 Explosive Evidence: Experts Speak Out”, which includes 50 whistleblowing experts who cite evidence of controlled demolition of the WTC on 911.


August 11, 2011  

Guest: Derrick Jensen

Derrick Jensen has become one of the nation’s leading voices of cultural and environmental dissent, who writes on how civilization is devastating the environment and the natural world, and our society’s denial of that fact. In 2008, Utne Reader listed Derrick as one of the 50 visionaries changing the world. His many books have explored the nature of humanity’s postmodern pathology and its roots: the interrelationship between hate and economics, genocide, corporate malfeasance, and the on-going neglect of the environmental crisis that is destroying the planet.

In sharp contrast to environmental optimists who believe working within the corportacracy will offset the tenuous planetary balance threatened by climate change, Derrick advocates a “dismantling of civilization” which can include radical dissent as well as imparting wisdom to our children.

He has received many awards for his writings, including the two “Endgame” volumes, His most recent book “Dreams” is a thorough critique against the fundamentalist Christian legalist morality and materialist scientism that define western civilization and reinforce its disregard and violence against nature.

August 10, 2011  

Guests: Dr. Dean Baker and Professor Pte Navarro

Dr. Dean Baker is co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, DC. He is frequently cited in economics reporting in major media outlets, including the New York Times,Washington Post, CNN, CNBC, and National Public Radio. He writes a weekly column for the Guardian Unlimited (UK), and his blog, Beat the Press, features commentary on economic reporting. In the past, Dean was a senior economist for the Economic Policy Institute and a professor at Bucknell University. He has also served as a consultant for the World Bank, the Congressional Joint Economic Committee and the OECD’s Trade Union Advisory Council.

Dean has written several books, his latest being False Profits: Recovering from the Bubble Energy, which chronicles the failure of top regulators and our political system that led to trillions of dollars loss in wealth, housing and our current recession.

Prof. Peter Navarro is a professor of economics and public policy at the University of California at Irvine. He has received his doctorate in economics from Harvard, and has worked as a policy analyst for the Department of Energy and taught at several universities.

His recent research has been to investigate the increasing role of China’s domination in the global economy and its trends as a rising military and technological powerhouse. His research has recently been published in a new book –“Death By China: Confronting the Dragon” which defines much of the darker side of China’s global strategic directions that are not be covered by the corporate media and our politicians.

August 9, 2011  

Guests: Professor James Galbraith and Eric Walberg

Professor James Galbraith is a distinguished professor and Chair of Government and Business Relations at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas in Austin.  He is the son of renowned economist John Kenneth Galbraith. James is the Chair of the international organization Economists for Peace and Security and a Senior Scholar of the Levy Economics Institute.  In the early 80s, he served on the Congressional staff as the Executive Director of the Joint Economic Committee. 

Prof. Galbraith has written many critical and controversial books challenging the nation’s predominant economic policy legislation and the paradigm from which it is based.  His latest book is, “The Predatory State: How Conservatives Abandoned the Free Market and Why Liberals Should Too” which targets the liberal economic policies being espoused by both parties for being bankrupt in theory and principle.

Eric Walberg is a Canadian journalist and scholar who is known internationally for his in-depth investigations into the socio-politics of the Middle East, Central Asia and Russia. He has lived in the former Soviet Union, modern Russia and Uzbekistan as a United Nations advisor, translator and lecturer. Eric is currently a journalist for Cairo’s foremost newspaper Al-Ahram, and a frequent contributor to progressive sites such as Global Research, Counterpunch, and Dissident Voice.

He has written numerous books on world geo-politics. His most recent is “Postmodern Imperialism: Geopolitics and the Great Games” which thoroughly documents the American-Israel alliance for dominance in the Middle East and Central Asia

August 8, 2011  
August 5, 2011  

Guests: Lisa Graves and Isabeau Doucet

Lisa Graves is the Executive Director of the Center for Media and Democracy, the publisher of PR Watch, SourceWatch, and BanksterUSA. She previously served as a senior advisor in all three branches of the federal government, as a leading strategist on civil liberties advocacy, and as an adjunct law professor at one of the top law schools in the country. Her former leadership posts include: a Deputy Assistant Attorney General at the U.S. Department of Justice, Chief Counsel for Nominations for the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, and Senior Legislative Strategist for the American Civil Liberties Union (on national security and surveillance policies). Lisa has testified as an expert witness before both the Senate and House and has frequently appeared as an expert across the different radio and television net works.

The Center for Media and Democracy recently obtained documents outlining about 800 bills, vetted and approved by major corporations along with Republican officials, who comprise the American Legislative Exchange Council or ALEC. It has been discovered that these bills are designed to rewrite state laws and target just about every area of American life – from education, union and worker rights, civil liberties, corporate oversight, health care, utilities, taxation – all which favor greater independence for the corporate regime and their domination over the privatization of people’s lives.

Isabeau Doucet is a freelance journalist based in Port-au-Prince Haiti and a free lance producer for Al Jazeera English. She has been regularly investigating the humanitarian conditions in the camps and the political and international reconstruction processes underway in Haiti since the catastrophic earthquake. Aside from reporting and publishing for the Christian Science Monitor, The Nation, Radio France International and Haiti Liberte, Isabeau is also a graduate student in anthropology at the University of London.

August 4, 2011  

Guest: Professor Karl Grossman

Prof. Karl Grossman is a professor of journalism and communications at SUNY College in Old Westbury Long Island where he has taught investigative reporting for over 30 years. He is one of the nation's most prolific investigative writers on nuclear power, politics in the energy industry, and the environment. This year he received the prestigious Pope Award for his many articles written during the past year. You can read his articles on sites such as Alternet, Commondreams, and the Huffington Post. He is the author of several books including "Cover Up: What You are Not Supposed to Know About Nuclear Power" and "The Wrong Stuff: The Space Program's Nuclear Threat to Our Planet". He also narrated the award winning TV documentaries "Three Mile Island Revisited" and "The Push to Revive Nuclear Power", and Karl is prominently featured in our new documentary "Knocking on the Devil's Door".

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