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May 19, 2020  

5G: The Path to Becoming Wired into All Things

Richard Gale and Gary Null PhD

Progressive Commentary Hour, May 19, 2020


On May 18th, Tucker Carlson interviewed a person who argued for the dramatic urgency to support 5G wireless technology. His reason was that the Chinese were making every effort to dominate the 5G market; therefore, if the US fails to take aggressive measures to compete, the Chinese will win the race. However, as well intentioned as Carlson may have been, he was equally ignorant about the subject matter. His guest grossly mischaracterized 5G technology without once mentioning its documented dangers to human health, the environment and all life on the planet. 

We hope that Carlson will review the following summarized information and invite a knowledgeable and qualified scientist, such as Dr. Devra Davis, Prof. Martin Pall or another among the many experts in electromagnetic frequency radiation risks and present the medical and scientific sides of 5G that Tucker's guest ignored. There are now thousands of scientists who have signed a letter to world governments emphasizing the life threatening dangers of rolling out 5G technology.   

The American public is being propagandized with blatant falsehoods to embrace 5G as a necessary and innovative technology that will benefit and improve our lives. But the real truth is the exact opposite. 

The following information has been abbreviated from scientific literature that is fully validated and has been stated by experts in EMF's adverse effects to world officials and national legislators repeatedly. This outline was presented by Dr. Martin Pall, a Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Medical Sciences at Washington State University to the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Pall is recognized worldwide as an expert in EMF and 5G's detrimental effects biological systems and the diseases associated with wireless technologies.

  • Lower Fertility:  Alters the structure of the testes and ovaries, lowers sperm count and the number of egg follicles, increases spontaneous abortion and lowers the levels of three sex hormones.
  • Neurological and Neuropsychiatric Effects:  There has been a dramatic increase in the following conditions since the advent of mobile phones, the internet, and wireless technologies:  insomnia, fatigue, depression, headaches and cognitive dysfunction, anxiety, and loss of memory. Animal studies have shown that EMFs produce major changes in brain structure, which is likely happening to everyone who has extensive daily exposure to EMFs
  • Cellular DNA Damage:  There are three types of DNA damage observed in EMF exposure:  single and double DNA breaks and oxidized DNA bases.  These can cause cancer and mutations in the sexual germ lines.
  • Apoptosis:  EMFs contribute to programmed cell death that in turn leads to reproductive and neurodegenerative disorders.
  • Oxidative Stress:  Free radical damage that has been associated with numerous health conditions including cancer, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, myocardial infarction, stroke, chronic inflammation, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, cellular death and aging
  • Endocrine Effects: According Dr. Pall, every hormonal system in the body is adversely affected by EMF exposure.
  • Excessive Intracellular Calcium:  Ca2+ is critical for cellular activity
  • Cancer:  There are 35 separate scientific reviews of the body of peer-reviewed literature providing evidence that EMFs increase carcinogenesis, promote and progress tumor development and contribute to metastasis.

Each of the above medical conditions have been thoroughly-studied. Worldwide, independent doctors and researchers studying EMF's biological effects confirm there is overwhelming evidence to support them.  There are also other medical conditions that are less researched but are likely associated with EMF exposure:

  • Cardiac Effects.  EMFs interfere with the electrical control of the heart that can produce tachycardia, bradycadia, arrhythmia and abnormal heart palpitations.
  • Early Onset of Alzheimer's and Dementia:  In recent years and in parallel with increased EMF exposure, signs of symptoms associated with Alzheimer's is being observed in people age 30 and younger. Dr. Pall has called this "digital dementias."
  • ADHD and Autism:  The epidemic in ADHD and autism witnessed in each younger generation may be caused by late prenatal and early post-natal EMF exposure. Each of these neurological conditions is associated with the increase of calcium over-penetrating cell linings due to EMF pulsations and disrupting synapse formations.

Clearly, there is a huge body of information that Tucker and his staff had at their disposal. Unfortunately, this was not offered to his viewers. The same is true for his treatment of GMOs and vaccines. On the other hand Carlson's due diligence in addressing the Covid-19 pandemic has been spot on. Now he needs to apply the same investigative acumen into 5G and other health risks created by private industries. If Carlson does so, he will be an important resource of scientifically credible information that the other networks fail to provide to the public. 

May 18, 2020  

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May 14, 2020  

Wikipedia: The Flawed Non-Encyclopedia

Richard Gale and Gary Null PhD

Progressive Radio Network, May 13, 2020


At this very moment, there are highly respected physicians, epidemiologists, medical biostaticians, forensic experts and other scientists coming forth to voice concerns over the information being disseminated in the mainstream media about the COVID-19 pandemic.  In many cases their own professional assessments are at odds with what we hear from the World Health Organization, the CDC, and Dr. Anthony Fauci at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease.  In their estimation, these institutions are conveying inaccurate or exaggerated analyses and evaluations that are representative of the nation's poor public healthcare system. Seemingly, every day a new voice joins this choir, which compels us to critically reexamine the entrenched medical establishment's unequivocal statements.

Never before have we been so inundated with fake news, conspiratorial musings, and ideological rants that frequently appear more hallucinatory than factual.  Subjective opinion, biases, and hidden agendas are rampant, and readers and viewers need to be increasingly on their guard to discern truth from fiction. The early scandals in medical journals, which were publishing junk research to favor private pharmaceutical drugs and interests, resulted in rules for authors to list their conflicts of interests with drug companies and other profit-driven institutions. That did not curtail the publication of biased research, which is still endemic;  nevertheless, conflicts were identified and flagged for readers to determine for themselves the papers' accuracy. Medical journals thereby became more transparent.

Similarly, there are hundreds of thousands of voices, including leaders in a variety of medical and health professions, who are voicing warnings about the reliability of information found on the world's most referenced encyclopedia, Wikipedia.  Large segments of the Wikipedia's pages on medical modalities are grossly inaccurate. Worse, much is mean spirited, laced with unbridled vindictive and this presents a very real danger to the public health worldwide.

May 13, 2020  

A puzzle that may baffle the inquiring mind is how a college dropout, a computer nerd without any notable biological or medical background, and at one time the wealthiest person in the world before being unseated by the self-centered playboy Jeff Bezos, could rise to become one of humanity's leading spokespersons about vaccination. After transitioning away from Microsoft to work full time for his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2006, funding vaccine development and agricultural genetic engineering seems to have turned into one of Bill Gates' deeper passion. in the past, he has been a public protector of Monsanto's chemical-dependent GMOs and continues to promote the agro-chemical paradigm throughout the developing world. Although there is nothing wrong with philanthropic enterprises for causes we believe in, what is disturbing is that a non-medical expert has assumed the role of being a national thought leader on vaccination safety and policy. What people do is less important than their motivations and intentions. 

Personality- wise, it is no secret that Gates was a difficult boss to work with. He was known to be extremely critical, belligerent, sarcastic and his anger would often degrade employees. He was a fierce taskmaster as the Washington Post reported, and Fortune magazine listed him as an "egotistical jerk" along with other billionaires such Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos.  Now with COVID-19 upon us, some, such as NPR, would call Gates prophetic for warning about viral pandemics five years ago. However, there is nothing extraordinarily novel, and definitely not Delphian, in this pronouncement. Gates is certainly no oracle. As personal experience confirms, such conversations among scientists have gone on in the corridors and cafeterias of biotech firms for over three decades. More likely is Gates simply fear mongering to turn his enormous investments into vaccine research and development for a coronavirus vaccine with the outcome being greater profits?

To call Gates a vaccine and genetic engineering fanatic is an understatement. While lecturing at the elitist TED 2010 conference in Long Beach, CA, he slipped a statement while speaking about the dangers of climate change and over population: “Vaccines? I love them.” His admission was made in the context of his philanthropic strategy and vaccines play a crucial role in his firm conviction that population reduction is an urgent priority for the survival of humanity. Of course the question that arises is who should be eliminated from the population? And who is elected from the public to make such decisions? The short answer is no one. Nevertheless this agenda is covertly proceeding through foundations, international agencies, non-profits, and private industry.

In 2000, the Gates Foundation founded the International Finance Facility for Immunization (GAVI) and that organization’s Global Fund for Children’s Vaccines. GAVI is a global collaboration that includes governments health ministries, the Rockefeller Foundation, the World Bank, WHO, the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, UNICEF, corporate vaccine makers, and other influential entities. All of these are zealot vaccination promoters. One of the organization’s goals is to vaccinate every child in Africa. In 2019, GAVI reported having reached over 960 million campaign immunizations in developing countries. 

In his deconstruction of Bill Gates’ charitable agenda, F. William Engdahl writes, “Vaccinating a child who then goes to drink feces-polluted river water is hardly healthy in any respect. But of course cleaning up the water and sewage systems of Africa would revolutionize the health conditions of the Continent.” Far more effective would be the Foundation donating its billions to improve sanitation and hygiene, and provide nutrition to the 2.6 billion people who have little to none, for increasing clean water sources so 900 million global residents can have access to drinkable water (now at 1 in 3 Africans). Instead, the Foundation could be funding thousands of health clinics focusing on the chronic illnesses these populations suffer from most. This is simply common sense. “Bad water,” says the Stockholm International Water Institute’s director, Anders Bentell, “kills more people than HIV, malaria and war together.”  And globally, contaminated water, which kills approximately 9 million people annually, is a far more serious crisis than the evidence now indicates for coronavirus. 

Over the past several years, the prestigious British medical journal The Lancet has printed a series of in-depth analyses of the Gates Foundation with disturbing revelations. In a September 2008 article, “Misfinancing Global Health: A Case for Transparency in Disbursements and Decision Making,” the authors’ investigation came to the conclusion that aside from excessive funding of high profile Western institutions and organizations, there was “a heavy bias in funding towards malaria and HIV/AIDS, with relatively little investment into tuberculosis, maternal and child health, and nutrition–with chronic diseases being entirely absent from its spending portfolio.” And a later study by Dr. David McCoy from the Center for International Health found that “the grants made by the Foundation do not reflect the burden of disease endured by those in deepest poverty.” None of these findings have been covered to any extent by mainstream media nor any governing body. Seemingly Gates is riding on the coat tails of the COVID-19 panic that has infected much of the global community, when in fact, some analyses, such as one recently out of Stanford, indicate that the danger is likely over exaggerated.

Earlier this month, Gates announced he would be spending billions of dollars to fund seven separate coronavirus vaccine development initiatives. As a result, his Foundation has emerged as perhaps the foremost leader in the vaccine industry's response to the pandemic. Gates has gained free entrance into the offices and boardrooms of all the leading players savoring the opportunity to launch a fast-tracked coronavirus vaccine that may likely be made mandatory for Americans, including National Institutes of Allergies and Infectious Disease director Anthony Fauci, the CDC's vaccine advisory committee and the WHO. Thus far, Gates has shown reservation against a hasty launch of a vaccine that will likely not have been reviewed long enough to determine its safety and efficacy in long-term immunity. During a White House press conference with Trump, Fauci indicated a vaccine might take a year or two before approval. The anti-science Trump replied he would prefer it were a couple months. There is a strong possibility that like the influenza vaccine, immunity will wane quickly. We may recall that Fauci aggressively pushed for fast-tracking the H1N1 flu vaccine during the swine flu epidemic that never appeared as predicted. He was called out on this failure by Senator Tom Coburn for advocating a vaccine found to be only 30% effective in trials conducted in Thailand. Recent studies out of Shanghai already show that 30 percent of those who contract a wild COVID-19 virus show only minor or no neutralizing antibodies. And South Korea is now reporting cases of individuals getting infected with COVID-19 a second time. Other seasonal coronaviruses, which are only mild common colds, return repeatedly and indicate infection triggers only short temporary immune responses and even then not in everyone.

However, not all leading vaccine advocates are on board with rushing a vaccine. During a Philadelphia Inquirer interview with rotavirus vaccine inventor Dr. Paul Offit at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Offit warned against efforts being made to get a vaccine on the market as swiftly as possible. This is a virus, according to Offit, that we still know very little about. He stated, "If you’re going to be testing this in otherwise healthy people who are very, very unlikely to die from this infection, you better make sure it’s safe." He offers the example of the poorly developed dengue vaccine that was tested in Latin America and the Philippines and found to increase the risk of dengue shock syndrome. The same could happen with a COVID-19. 

Peter Hotez, Dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor University, developed a vaccine against SARS in 2016 before money dried up. Yet in a recent appearance before Congress, he testified a coronavirus vaccine could have a "unique potential safety problem."  We should be warned that questions would remain if and whether Hotez's team were to get a vaccine into advanced trials. An earlier University of Texas effort to develop a vaccine against the SARS coronavirus was appalling. Despite inducing neutralizing antibodies, all the mice in the trial exhibited immunopathological events in the lungs. More recently, a global analytics firm, Clarivate, investigated two COVID19 vaccines in the pipeline that have reached later clinical trials. Their report estimates that it will require over 5 years for developing a safe vaccine and it will likely be only 5 percent effective. In other words, it is an enormous waste of funding. 

Gates, on the other hand, seems to be ignoring these warnings from persons who have devoted their lives to vaccine development. He is stubbornly determined, irrespective of money spent, to get a COVID19 vaccine onto the market. A question that arises in our minds is how concerned Gates might be of vaccine safety issues. If the past is any indication of his priorities, it appears his focus is to increase vaccine compliance while ignoring the high incidence of serious adverse events and deaths. Bobby Kennedy Jr. at the Children's Health Defense organization has listed some of the vaccination debacles that are directly associated with his Foundation:

  • In 2002, operatives in the Gates network enforced a meningitis campaign in Sub-Sahara Africa that paralyzed up to 500 children.
  • In 2010, his foundations support for Glaxo's experimental malaria vaccine trials killed 151 African infants and seriously injured another 1,000. 
  • Gates collaboration with India's National Technical Advisory Group resulted in a catastrophe of unmonitored overlapping polio immunization programs triggering an epidemic of non-polio acute flaccid paralysis that affected 490,000 children. Gates vaccine programs were forced to leave India. Cases of vaccine derived polio now outnumber cases from wild polio. 
  • In 2014, Foundation funds went to experimental HPV vaccine trials in India, in joint collaboration with Glaxo and Merck, that violated ethical standards. Over 1,000 girls developed severe autoimmune diseases and fertility disorders. 

It is easy to overlook the larger significance of the results Gates' vaccination campaigns. In short, Gates was responsible for implementing and funding these programs that injured and caused the deaths of innocent children and adults. Due to his stature among governmental and international health agencies, he has not been held accountable. People such as Gates are judged by a different standard, meaning they are not judged at all. Equally worrisome, aside from his vaccine frenzy, Gates makes efforts to influence the nation's health policies. In the past he has been a fanatical advocate for mandatory vaccination.  During a recent TED Talk interview, Gates advocated a national campaign to issue certificates for those who have been either infected with COVID-19 or vaccinated against it. "Eventually what we'll have to have is certificates of who's a recovered person and who's a vaccinated person," he stated, "because you don't want people moving around the world... (without their certificates)."

Gates however is a symptom of another side of national crisis. There would be no need for citizen billionaires to be taking the helm to manipulate national policy responses to health crises, such as the COVC-19 pandemic, if there was in place a functioning healthcare system. Unfortunately it has been the gross failures of the Trump and previous presidential administrations that have opened the doors for others like Gates to step in. For too long, the US's federal health agencies have been thoroughly compromised and corrupted by private pharmaceutical interests. The pandemic is revealing to Americans that we have the most dysfunctional medical system in the developed world. 

Unfortunately the wealthiest elite on the planet are rarely questioned about the correctness of their actions and schemes. As long as a Bill Gates says he is giving huge sums of money to a cause to end disease and suffering, we are not suppose to probe further. Rather, in the case of mainstream media, such people are to be worshiped as saviors. The oligarchic elite are so well interconnected on multiple boards of directors, clubs for the rich and powerful, think tanks, media conglomerates, and among the high ranks of elected legislators and politicians that it is difficult to have an open and honest debate on the merits of their actions and spending. 

So when someone like Ted Turner says we should reduce the world’s population by more than half, and Bill Gates suggests a 15 percent reduction, do we fully understand the potential for eugenic efforts?  And this is another issue about Gates that should disturb every person on the planet. 

As a keynote speaker at the TED 2010 conference, Gates laid out his rationale for an international effort towards global depopulation. He said, “If we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that [projected to be 9 billion people by 2050] by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.“ Therefore it was shocking to learn that a tetanus vaccine administered to Kenyan women in child bearing years was purportedly laced with Human Chorionic Gondatropin (hCG) that causes miscarriage and renders a woman sterile. The discovery was made by the Kenyan Catholic Doctors Association that noted something was seriously wrong with women following vaccination and had the vaccine analyzed. But more appalling was tracing the vaccination campaign to funding by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for distribution by UNICEF. Further evidence is found in a 2005 Foundation press release stating Gates' gift of $26 million to UNICEF for a vaccine to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. Curiously, Brian Shilhavy at Health Impact News observed, "there was no outbreak of tetanus in Kenya, on the perceived threat of tetanus due to local flood conditions." Therefore, why the campaign to vaccinate young women en masse?

In conclusion, we have the world's second richest billionaire who deeply believes he has a personal authority to be a policy maker for America's public health. Therefore, do we truly realize the dangers of billionaires, unelected to any position of authority over the nation, and their threats that undermine democracy?  

May 12, 2020  
May 11, 2020  

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May 8, 2020  

Why the World Health Organization Deserves Our Distrust

Richard Gale & Gary Null PhD

Progressive Radio Network, May 8, 2020


Many more questions are being raised than there are answers being discovered concerning the recent strains of coronavirus. Where and how did it originate? Was it the result of human engineering and manipulation or is it a strain that mutated naturally?  What are the best tests to determine exposure and infection? Why are so many infected individuals asymptomatic? Are all elderly people equally susceptible to infection and how much do co-morbidities determine outcomes? These are just several of the important questions that still require definitive answers.

The ultimate international authority for infectious diseases is the World Health Organization (WHO). Because of its acceptance by the world's national governments, it has been extremely successful in its mission. The WHO is the final word in determining whether the spread of a serious pathogen is ruled as a pandemic or not. For the majority of the medical community, the media and the average person, the WHO is the front line command post for medical prevention (i.e., vaccination) and treatment.  Consequently it's rulings are often regarded as the gold standard by which many nations design their health policies and intervening protocols to protect their citizens.  On matters of global health, the WHO holds dominance.

We are currently being told by the Director General of the WHO that the solutions for curtailing the COVID-19 pandemic are self-isolation, distancing, masks, and, for those in acute stages of infection, ventilation. To date there is no drug that has been found to be universally safe and effective. Therefore, all efforts, with massive funding, are being devoted to rapidly get a coronavirus vaccine on the market.  And in this effort, the WHO is a close ally and advocate in the US's federal health system, notably the CDC and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) headed by Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Most people assume the WHO acts independently from private commercial and national government interests for the welfare of the world's population. However, at best this is an assumption. Moreover, the very legitimacy of the WHO as a gold standard of health is questionable. The organization has been accused of conflicts of interests with private pharmaceutical companies and mega-philanthropic organizations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as being riddled with political alliances, ideologies, and profiteering motives.  An article in the National Review called the WHO "scandal plagued" with "wasteful spending, utter disregard for transparency, pervasive incompetence, and failure to adhere to even basic democratic standards." We would also add that its level of incompetence has resulted in serious misinformation about the medical risks of vaccines and other health-threatening chemicals.  For example, during the early stage of the COVID-19 outbreak in China, the organization reported it could not find any evidence of human transmission. Now we know it is perhaps the most transmittable respiratory viral infection encountered in modern medical history.

Given the halls of power within the WHO, we are outlining some of the more salient reasons why the organization's declarations about infectious diseases, pandemics and vaccination should not entirely be trusted.

Vaccine Promotional Misconduct

Very few will know that for a long time, the WHO's recommendations for certain vaccines were kept secret. Writing in a 2006 issue of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, Dr. Marc Girard uncovered "scientific incompetence, misconduct or even criminal malfeasance" over the intentional inflation of vaccines' benefits while undermining toxicity and adverse effects. Dr. Girard was called upon as a medical expert by the French courts in a criminal trial against the WHO after French health officials obliged the organization to launch its universal Hepatitis B vaccine campaign. The campaign resulted in the deaths of French children.  Consequently, Girard gained access to confidential WHO documents. He notes that the WHO's "French figures about chronic liver diseases were simply extrapolated from the U.S. reports." He further accused the WHO serving "merely as a screen for commercial promotion, in particular via the Viral Hepatitis Prevention Board (VHPB), which was created, sponsored, and infiltrated by the manufacturers."

Orchestration of Pandemic Panics

Before the current COVID-19 pandemic, there was the H1N1 swine flu scare in 2009 that came and went as a church mouse. However, at the very start the WHO's fear mongering of a global contagion that could exceed the death counts of the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic was based on false assumptions.  The fabrications are believed to have originated from the WHO's senior consultant on viral outbreaks who happens to be one of the world's leading pandemic alarmists: Dr. Albert Osterhaus who carries the nickname "Dr. Flu." Osterhaus is head of the Department of Virology at Erasmus University in the Netherlands. At the time of the H1N1 pandemic, he was the president of the European Scientific Working Group on Influenza (ESWI), an organization funded by the major vaccine manufacturers including Baxter, MedImmune, Glaxo, Sanofi Pasteur and others. It is ESWI's agenda to vaccinate the entire world against the swine flu. It was also Osterhaus who transformed an otherwise potentially bad flu season into a global pandemic. The WHO has been criticized harshly in the media for changing the definition of a "pandemic" and in doing so has been charged with benefitting the pharmaceutical industry. Moreover, the British Medical Journal reported that the WHO failed to report conflicts of interest in its H1N1 advisory group. The journal's Editor-in-Chief Fiona Godlee wrote, "WHO must act now to restore its credibility, and Europe should legislate."

According to a financial forecast published by JP Morgan, the collaboration between the WHO and Osterhaus's ESWI to orchestrate the pandemic would have profited the pharmaceutical industry up to $10 billion. The popular German magazine Der Spiegel reported:

“The WHO and those in charge of public health, the virologists and the pharmaceutical laboratories....  created a whole system around the imminence of a pandemic. There is a lot of money at stake, as well as networks of influence, careers and whole institutions! And the minute one of the flu viruses mutates we’d see the whole machine roll into action.”

Epidemic of Conflict of Interests

According to former World Bank geopolitical analyst Peter Koenig, about half of the WHO's budget is derived from private sources -- primarily pharmaceutical companies but also other corporate sectors including the telecommunication and agro-chemical industries. It also receives large donations from large philanthropic organizations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It is believed, according to Koenig, that the appointment of the WHO's current Director General, Dr. Tedro Adhanom, was due to Gates' influence. Tedros is the former Chairman of Gates funded GAVI Vaccine Alliance. GAVI's sole mission is to vaccinate every child in the world. The WHO and the US and British governments are the primary partners and the largest funder is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

There is in our opinion little doubt that the WHO is another one of Gates' bought off entities for furthering his personal agenda to promote vaccines, genetically modified seeds and chemical agriculture in the developing world. Barbara Loe Fisher at the National Vaccine Information Center estimates that "only about 10 percent of total funding provided by Gavi ($862M) was used to strengthen health systems in developing countries, such as improving sanitation and nutrition, while nearly 80 percent was used to purchase, deliver and promote vaccines."

The WHO as America's Poodle

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation's fact sheet for the US government and WHO, the US is the largest contributor to the global organization. The CDC also provides its technical support and has liaisons at the WHO's Geneva headquarters and regional offices. In summary, there is a strong rationale to suggest that the WHO, aside from its global health programs in other countries, is largely doing the bidding of the US government to advance corporate interests and American neoliberal hegemony.

Vaccine Adverse Effects Monitoring System Needs Overhaul

The WHO's Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety is the group responsible for administering vaccine programs in poorer, developing countries. It is also responsible for gathering data on incidents of vaccine injuries. Any deaths following vaccination campaigns are ignored and ruled as coincidental. This policy is based on the erroneous assumption that if no one died during a vaccine's clinical trials, then the vaccine should be regarded as automatically safe and unrelated to any deaths that might occur. Consequently, the WHO's monitoring system is seriously flawed and requires a major overhaul.

One of the more controversial incidences is the WHO's collaboration with the Bill Gates funded GAVI Vaccine Alliance campaign to launch the pentavalent vaccine (diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, HIP and Hepatitis B)  in Africa and later in South and Southeast Asia. In India, health officials recorded upwards to 8,190 additional infant deaths annually following pentavalent vaccination.  The WHO response was to reclassify its adverse event reporting system to disregard "infant" deaths altogether. Dr. Jacob Puliyel, a member of the Indian government's National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization concluded,

“deaths and other serious adverse events following vaccination in the third world, that use WHO-AEFI classification are not recorded in any database for pharmacovigilance. It is as if the deaths of children in low (and middle) income countries are of no consequence.”

The WHO's Director General's Troubled Past

Given the enormous number of experts in infectious disease and control, it is astounding that the WHO's current Director General is Dr. Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesus. He was a leading politician in the militant communist Tigray People's Liberation Front that ruled Ethiopia between 1991 to 2018.  Tedros served dual roles as the country's Health and Foreign Minister. According to the British journalist Thomas Mountain, who has lived in neighboring Eritrea for many years and has reported on the corrupt Tigray regime, Tedros had a direct role in the atrocities alleged to have been committed by the government.  It was Tedros who has been reported to have been responsible for the removal of the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders following Ethiopia's brutal massacre of Ogaden citizens in Somalia, which was immediately followed by a cholera outbreak. As noted above, his approval to head of the organization may likely have been vetted by Bill Gates. Looking back at his past three years at the WHO, Mountain remarks, "For almost three years he remained quiet about the almost total lack of preparation at the WHO for what numerous panels had warned was inevitable, a highly contagious and deadly virus quickly spreading across the world."

WHO's Depopulation Efforts with Vaccines

Without doubt, the most nefarious activity conducted by the WHO is its alleged support and distribution of vaccines to poorer developing countries that may have been intentionally designed to decrease population rates.  Back in 1989, the WHO sponsored a symposium at its Geneva headquarters on "Antifertility Vaccines and Contraceptive Vaccines." The symposium presented proposals for vaccines that were later discovered to have been laced with the sterilizing hormones HCG and estradiol; the former prevents pregnancy and triggers spontaneous abortions and miscarriages, and the latter can turn men infertile. 

In 2015, the Kenyan Conference of Catholic Bishops reported its discovery of a polio vaccine laced with estradiol that was manufactured in India and distributed by the WHO. A year earlier, Dr. Wahome Ngare from the Kenyan Catholic Doctors Association uncovered a tetanus vaccine specifically being administered to women, also distributed by the WHO, that contained the HCG hormone. All of the polio vaccine samples tested contained HCG, estrogen-related compounds, follicle stimulating and luteinizing hormones, which will damage sperm formation in the testes. Even more disturbing, this vaccine was going to be administered to children under five years of age.

However, this is not the first time the WHO appears to have made efforts to use vaccination campaigns for depopulation.  A decade earlier, in 2004, the WHO, UNICIF and CDC launched a vaccination campaign to immunize 74 million African children during a polio outbreak. The initiative encountered a serious obstacle. In Nigeria, laboratory tests on the WHO's vaccine samples resulted in the presence of estrogen and other female hormones. And in the mid-1990s, a tetanus vaccine being administered to Nicaraguan and Filipino girls and women in their child-bearing years was discovered to contain HCG, which accounted for a large number of spontaneous abortions that were reported by Catholic health workers.

Illegal Vaccine Experiments

In 2014, The Economic Times of India published a report that provided details of a joint venture between the WHO and the Gates Foundation to test an experimental HPV vaccine on approximately 16,000 tribal girls between the ages of 9 and 15 unwittingly. The experiment was conducted in 2008, and the vaccine is now what we commonly know as Gardasil. Many of the girls, the report states, became ill and some died.

The following year the WHO and Gates Foundation conducted a similar experiment on 14,000 girls with the HPV vaccine Cervarix. Again "scores of teenage girls were hospitalized."  Investigations led by Indian health officials uncovered gross violations in India's laws regarding medical safety. In numerous cases there was no consent and the children had no idea what they were being vaccinated for. The Indian Supreme Court has taken up a case against the duo for criminal charges.

WHO's Double Standards of Vaccine Safety

A more recent scandal erupted during the WHO's Global Vaccine Safety Summit convened in December 2019.  Days before the summit, one of the WHO's medical directors for vaccination, Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, appeared in a public advertisement touting the unquestionable safety of vaccines and ridiculing parents who speak out against vaccination. She assured viewers that the WHO was in control of matters and monitored any potential adverse risks carefully. However, during the Summit, the same Dr. Swaminathan acknowledged vaccine health risks and stated, "We really don't have very good safety monitoring systems." Another Summit participant, Dr. Heidi Larson stated,

"We have a very wobbly ‘health professional frontline’ that is starting to question vaccines and the safety of vaccines. When the frontline professionals are starting to question or they don’t feel like they have enough confidence about the safety to stand up to the person asking the questions. I mean most medical school curriculums, even nursing curriculums, I mean in medical school you are lucky if you have half a day on vaccines.”

And more noteworthy were the statements by Dr. Martin Howell Friede, Coordinator of the WHO's Initiative for Vaccine Research,

"... I give courses every year on how do you develop vaccines, how do you make vaccines. And the first lesson is while you’re making your vaccine if you can avoid using an adjuvant please do so. Lesson two is if you’re going to use an adjuvant use one that has a history of safety. And lesson three is if you’re not going to do that, think very carefully."

In other words, what the WHO presents to the public contradicts what is discussed behind closed doors, another example of the veil of secrecy the organization operates within.

Suppression of the Dangers of Depleted Uranium

The use of depleted uranium pervades military missiles and bombs. Tons of depleted uranium were deployed during the US invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.  It is estimated that the US fired over 300,000 rounds of depleted uranium, or 1,000 tons, during the 2003 Iraq war. In both countries, the WHO has been very active in providing health needs to the populations affected.  However, in regions where bombing was most intense, such as in Fallujah Iraq, there has been a high prevalence of congenital birth defects. This was uncovered by an on-the-ground investigation conducted by the Brussels Tribunal.  According to a BBC documentary, there is no longer any doubt about depleted uranium's association with genetic damage and birth defects.  According to an article published in the British Medical Journal in 2013, the WHO intentionally suppressed the scientific evidence .  The question remains why?  Hans von Sponeck, a former Assistant Secretary General for the United Nations has suggested that "the US government sought to prevent WHO from surveying areas in southern Iraq where DU has been used and caused serious health and environmental dangers."  Here we find a likely case of the WHO doing the bidding of the US government and its military adventures in regime change.

There are many other questionable activities that the WHO has been involved with over the years. However, the above provide sufficient evidence to argue the case that, at least within the upper echelons of the WHO, global health does not stand in high priority.  The organization employs over 7,000 people around the world and most of these have deep concern for improving the lives of populations in poor and developing nations. On the other hand, the WHO's leaders are there largely because the powers of Washington, London and the pharmaceutical industry benefit by the organization advancing its agendas.

Of course, the WHO is not the only health entity with a legacy of corruption.  Corruption appears to be systemic throughout global health and national health agencies.  This topic was featured last year in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet. Author Dr. Patricia Garcia writes,

"Corruption is embedded in health systems. Throughout my life—as a researcher, public health worker, and a Minister of Health—I have been able to see entrenched dishonesty and fraud. But despite being one of the most important barriers to implementing universal health coverage around the world, corruption is rarely openly discussed."

Bear in mind, the WHO, along with Bill Gates and his Foundation, and Anthony Fauci at the National Institutes for Allergy and Infectious Disease, are leading the efforts to develop a COVID-19 vaccine. Do you believe we can trust their judgment and the intense public relations effort that will immediately follow after such a vaccine reaches the market?


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